“Lernen Sie von gestern, lebe für heute, für morgen hoffen.
Das Wichtigste ist, nicht aufhört zu fragen.”

Where do thy visions ruminate whilst eating pears in Uzbekistan,
when running your fingers down the achromatic keys in Serbia.
Sprinter of longitude, thy wistful lullaby is sung from the icecaps on Greenland;
Caught up with the begrudgement of yesterday.

Populaces of people disappointed thy lonely willing heart,
and you had contemplations of departing from a shuttle after falling apart.
Yet I gave you my support with thy past sentence of depression,
And for thee I pray to live a better way.

You’ve squandered each finger, fulminating each memoir.
Onward with progress. Profanation is f forbidden.
Lost is meant to be found.
Thus thy transudation authenticates a revolutionary day.
Mourns the woman of a broken heart filled with abhorrence and no swain who dared stay.
And from door to door she'd beg for their affection beneath her black veil,
where there was no significant other where every man had play'd.

To her I give my best regards and hold her dear in noon felt
while playing her naturals so white.
Offspring spend their generation hearkening in delight.
Hachikos examine everything concussing a
Smile. Trajectory verbalizes all.

Waste not time listening to eighty-eight keys that sit to watch you play.
They desire to see you snivel along with the sweat.
Never let their colours break thy posture.
Naturals and flats keep thy stature and forget their evil bet.
Since to you my friend, who has to choose which path she takes
to gain his love is a never-ending feat,
and thy expectations of his being he shall never meet.

Let's depart the earth together and follow the league of the stars
into a dreamer's land to Alpha Centauri and Epsilon Eridani
to Jupiter Jungle and Saturn's ring while dancing,
steps of merriment and liberty, forgetting about insanity.
The music of the moon with its satellite eyes on us
for intervals and for hours, jumping from sphere to sphere.

Follow my lead as we dodge shooting comets like ruger bullets,
release the trouble from thy anima, holding bouquets of
gathering asterisms in thy pockets and dismiss the foster father fear.
A mighty nebula is in our path and electromagnetic radiation is near
with courage we shall move on and to return to a dangerous world,
in solitude as mangrove branches with strengths of cosmos untold.

Shall we take this sway and swing with our ruthless roots in the ground?
Who dare come our way in this planet of luminosity with Aegea holding a crown.
Dauntlessness and tenacity in an elliptical galaxy listening to an angel's song.
Accompanied by electromagnetic waves from Celtic harps that played for long.
Shocked with ebullience from a group of Electrophori electricus while lying down.

Oh and ourselves like children, pure and masterful never looking back at the past
knowing our worth, forgetting the tiresome hurt and that have been said;
There's power in our wildest screams in ceaseless fanciful dreams, and our yearnings fed
neglected and affected- some bruised ones that suffered long!
Giving thyself and those that wept bitterly for the men who justified their wrong.

Thy romance lasted in the moment and to the floor you ululated, holding thy head
and hopes in the lioness's den and prayers nocturnally while lying in bed.
Let go of the detrimental anamnesises from ancient times
chagrined and fearful of being with other gentlemen of different kinds

Contemptuous and misanthropic, ne'er give up on being optimistic-
Ne'er hold thy breath or pity thyself in endless darks, stained with love marks
Prithee, my sisters with polar hearts wagging castigating fingers like tungsten darts.

So shall you release the chains of mental blockage,
While he strokes the keys on thy piano staring at you in thy eyes?
Emotional pusillanimity being thy extreme enemy, mistrusting saying a dozen goodbyes.
But hold steadily my treasured friend whilst lying down,
in a pippin field with moist fingers feeling the wind gazing.
Accept this proposal as a recherché unicorn queen with a spirit so keen;

'Tis an enchanting sight in the most sacrosanct sense
To see thrilling physiognomies as the ladies wear chandelier gowns-
Ah, with necks outstretched as Tundra swans sitting on lawns
Nether parasols tigresses are settled and dwelleth with old nerves as tense
By the new standards of a pulchritudinous butterfly in lambent territory.

Written in 2010.