My feathered friend from the frigid Antarctican end,
Sitting on a cirrus cloud in the Terra Australis posing wondering when,
My dear feathered friend Armstrong née Stockholm
With his black and white feathers shall depart into the skies and roam.

Dotted yellow eyes searching the icy lands dressed in his daily best
Replenishing his every breath, waving his heroic sovereign wings
Here I stand patiently on a polar ice cap, awaiting his return in the sombre winter's quest
Taking the form of a seaplane, his growth extended into one of the greatest kings
To collect me from danger with Ptolemy on his back flying along with his family Strigidae
As he lifts me off my feet in brumal sleep in this resolution and adventure on this special day.

Searching the South Pole on the harfang's wings I fly o'er the Vinson Massif
Frostbitten hands taking charge gliding in the distance toward remnants of Gondwana
Into a land of emperor penguins with elaborate eyelashes through the Aurora Australis
A postcard scene, against the strong kabatic winds sat our fantasy glacier fortress on Lake Vostok
Heartwarming waves of Colobanthus quitensis on display before fireworks of Sigma Octantis.

Thrilling optical phenomenons and charming illusions of bliss
Spins in a wildly fanciful Apocalypse in versatile winter's kiss
Krek Krek, prek prek my hooting owl goes proudly holding his thick plumage
In an austere fashion beneath Jupiter's moon we danced before Europa's southern cage
Mesmerized so deeply thrown, we witnessed a cataclysmal avalanche from the Pacific Ring of Fire
Fictions of Mount Erebus's mighty mouth, on Armstrong's back fleeing the phonotephrite lava flows enraged.

Fleeing on this chaotic stage, o'er anorthoclase crystals in a solar eclipse
Commander and leader of the iceberg armies beneath Mount Terror's furious lips
Phantasmagoria slumbering in a community of cirrocumuli castellanus with my bubo scandiacus
Fantasies and deathless romances in an ocean of permafrost diamonds through nature's fuss
Galloping in the open air as fearless naginatas in a battle of Samurai away from snowy waterfalls
Hovering on his wings covering the alkaline waters,
As two-dimensional silhouettes overlooking an earthly baptism of ice.

Saluting our audiences of Aptenodytes forsteri wearing coronals of heat
Landing safely on a frigid board of dominoes on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.
Opening his eyes widely like French rococo bracket clocks seeking eternity,
Meritorious of adoration, chasing lemmings and hopes of frozen immortality.
Spreaded arms like Commerson's dolphin flippers on moving ice opposing daylight's vice.

Acrobats at the Cirque Fernando in an oil painting of Renoir,
On centennial time scales of epic aftermath opening doors of new beginnings
Quivering in wintertide's beastly embrace, blowing puffs of nipping air in our adventure's convex face
Imperishable truths of our inextinguishable flames as trusted friends taking flight in the scene of snowy white's haste.
Into the frosty wilderness, carried like a phosphorescent package toward his nest of edacious owlets.

Pennons curved in the form of a V, spinning as a polar vortex blanketing my body's skin
Undresses his feather suit draping me with crafty gloved hands sheltering from the weather's windy tin whistles
Fitful bursts of energy from the sinister gelidness as his physique desireth summery kilts,
Responding to an assemblage of astrophysicists making cacophonous booms from pistols.

Visions in the twilight of stellar dynamics and foamy textures of galaxy globular clusters
Pointing whilst analyzing through magnetohydrodynamics the empyrean Hubble flows
On a flocculent cloud rested Michael Faraday awaiting his safeguard from Stockholm's heroic flurries
As the milieu played tricks on his cognizance, disappearing in an electric flash without any worries.