Art requires philosophy, just as philosophy requires art.
Otherwise, what would become of beauty?
Painting is artistic poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.
Poetry is the language that the heart holds with nature and itself.

To the expressive cosmos, with the depth from artists’ characters,
Originated the homage from my heart to virtuoso art and philosophy.
O artistic pride with allurement captured in oil paintings
From Van Gogh's devotion and sensitive intensity;
Charmed by the 'Road with cypress and star'-
“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream”, he said.

I was hypnotized by his works’ ethereal passions and dramatic frenzies:
Art is the most intense individualism that the world has known.
True illustration is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist-
Yellow stars of Bethlehem in twilight Arles kissed the harmonious fragrance
Of the air, caught in the 'Starry night over the Rhone'.
Sweet scenery in lovers' land, Ursa major’s glowing eye-
Proclaimed the magnificence of time-swept pieces,
On canvas bone.

Ah! Sulking unhappiness from the struggling age of the Ancient man,
Was at eternity's gate with sunken cheek.
Before morning's rise, athwart the phalanges of philosophy,
In the Rinascimento poised the Great Master of unquenchable curiosity.
“The truth of things is the chief nutriment of superior intellects”. Da Vinci said
Together with the women that danced with floral parasols to the musique mesurée
Who came and spoke of Michelangelo, impassioned by his highly personal style.

Within Utopia's museum gallery, there was interest in the Vitruvian Man;
I mused on intricate Venetian architecture with nods from Great crested grebe beaks.
Classical orders in mirror writing- palms, cubits, feet and paces:
It was blithesome to rhythmically pace with fanciful powers,
In halcyon tones with immense thoughts at a mystic time with fiercer,
Deeper notes from baroque violins and a Stradivarius beneath powerful showers.

The beatific display of abstract expressionism with its rebellious colors,
Was surrounded by Mountain Laurels in the fields of my mind,
That intensified epic spirits from western times-
Where I was enthralled with artistic craze in the metaphysical tale
Of aesthetic poetics.

O! I was astonished by Jane Frank’s ‘Crags and Crevices’
Like floating Queen Ann’s laces from enchanting sighing zephyrs,
Whilst relaxed at crescent butterfly habitats noting their magnificent beauty!
With nightly whispering anthems under the Champagne Supernova;
Purely exquisitely blissful in the abode of peace captured
In a Jerusalem-like sublime ceremony.

Ah and with deep weight of monumental height,
I danced wildly to the sweet statuesque melodies of the CUBI VI sculpture in misty May.
And I bolted, toward a city of added flair with Gorky’s ‘The Liver is the Cock’s comb’
From his surrealistic eyes of bulbous bright.
Metaphysics! Well, the painterly spontaneity
Of mature works in the innovative phase,
Brought windy perfumes of frangipani that entertained my winged utterances!
-Like on the feathered backs of Lutino Cockatiel birds.

Deep within the orphic valleys of gothic Romanesque art using organs
Was tuneful dramatic reminiscence for Ctesibius’s grave with noonday’s gaze.
And for further creative mystery, discovered in Beauneveu’s ‘Psalter of Jean de Berry’-
Were heartwarming pleasures from the cherubic depiction.
Lo! The age of Apollinaire’s orphic cubism
With the historical application of kaleidoscopic bold color,
And ‘all the world’s a stage’ in lyrical abstraction.

I pulsated with harmonious heartbeats at Delaunay’s ‘Simultaneous Windows on the City’
For the honor of each division in the illustrator’s interaction,
Where my flames from votive candles burned for bright philosophy,
To the sudden vibrations of the San Andreas Fault!
A marvelous scene! - Of artistic science engineered for the very essence
Of the pensive mind- ‘Champs de Mars. La Tour rouge’.
Upon vorticism I stood- guided by my eyes flashing forth;
Dashed forth with dynamic fever,
To Bomberg’s ‘mud bath’ in the classical vault.

O where cherished valuables were positioned!
Whilst in the Cubo-futurism period beguiled by Lentulov’s ‘Woman with guitar’ piece.
It was brought to life with the Russian futurists in mythical glory,
Beside applauding flowers wrapped in abalone pearls.
And I glared at the ‘Skybell (Nebozvon)’
With sentimental breath of visionary art.

‘Twas convincing- glorious sight acclaimed alongside
The ‘Unknown Lady in Blue’,
Through the interpretive eye at Jupiter’s station.
Ah! By dint of Jupiterian mastery with cosmic incenses inhaled
Beneath the fiery meteorites,
That orbited around the Copernican system,
With the painters’ thoughts madly entertained- I sighed, mesmerized!
The Magellanic Clouds came into view! They soared in the night skies,
With meticulous cogitation while the flare stars were wholly awakened
From howling Iberian Wolves on earth
Besides dignified lightnings of philosophical wisdom.

All of earth’s philosophy came to life when Plato in olive tree sights from Akademia,
Delivered his sophisticated encomiums before ancient Athenian institutions
During the Hellenistic period. It was a fairy landscape from nature’s hands
With waltzing snowflakes in winter, where the sophists Protagoras,
Thrasymachus, Lycophron and Cratylus amalgamated.
‘Twas their love for wisdom, inspired by the philosopher king
In the intelligible realm within the oak forest, with growing whispers
From the Wordsmiths’ Congress about the forms in the Phaedo, Republic and Phaedrus.

Beloved life as I grasped my pages, soothed by the moon’s crescent brilliance
Wearing my overcoat, under the nimbostrati and cumulonimbi.
Metaphysics! Philosophical artists were the best rulers: Visionaries of poetry
And I, a true pilot paid attention to the seasons, the heavens, the stars, the winds
And everything proper to the craft of ruling and commanding the sailing vessel as
Captain of the ship; Plato’s fashioned metaphor.
While with all the joys that glowed and strings that flowed,
-Unfaded to that stately form with deep fervor in platonic realism.

The distant thunder drove its rapid train for Aristotle’s honorable high
With his ‘dialogues’ in the realm of natural phenomena within states of Greek valleys,
Where the nightingales sang near; I declared- “O teacher consort of Alexander the Great,
Representative of Macadamia in the Atlantic Ocean’s majestic calm.”
-Had movement in morals and doctrines of politics
With untroubled passion in the past’s palm,
And inventions! Mathematical fancies of Descartes’ analytical geometry
Before constellations at midnight’s Arctic welkins,
Of the round planetary sphere, to fair days in one’s memory for ecstasies
Of the soul as a metaphysical poet.