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Boaventura De Sousa Santos

Boaventura de Sousa Santos is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the School of Economics, University of Coimbra (Portugal), Distinguished Legal Scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School and Global Legal Scholar at the University of Warwick.

He is Director of the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra and Scientific Coordinator of the Permanent Observatory for Portuguese Justice.

His most recent project - ALICE: Leading Europe to a New Way of Sharing the World Experiences - is funded by an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (ERC), one of the most prestigious and highly competitive international financial institutes for scientific excellence in Europe. The project was initiated in July 2011 and enabled him to gather a team of young researchers from various different countries and academic backgrounds that are committed to collectively developing the lines of research that have emerged from the epistemological, theoretical-analytical and methodological premises of his work that have been consolidated over many years.

Among his most recent and relevant publications are:

  • A Crítica da Razão Indolente: Contra o Desperdício da Experiência. Porto: Afrontamento (2000)

  • Toward a New Legal Common Sense: law, globalization, and emancipation. Londres: Butterworths (2002)

  • A gramática do tempo. Para uma nova cultura política. Porto: Afrontamento (2006)

  • Pela Mão de Alice: O Social e o Político na Pós-Modernidade – 9ª edição, revista e aumentada. Coimbra: Almedina (2013)

  • Se Deus Fosse Um Activista dos Direitos Humanos (2013)

  • Epistemologies of the South. Justice against Epistemicide. Boulder/Londres: Paradigm Publishers (2014)

  • La difícil democracia. Una mirada desde la periferia europea. Madrid: Akal (2016)

  • As Bifurcações da Ordem. Revolução, Cidade, Campo e Indignação (2017)

  • Justicia entre Saberes: Epistemologías del sur contra el Epistemicidio. Madrid: Ediciones Morata (2017)

  • Decolonising the University: The Challenge of Deep Cognitive Justice. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2017)

  • Esquerdas do mundo, uni-vos! São Paulo: Boitempo (2018)

  • Pneumatóforo. Escritos políticos, 1981-2018. Coimbra: Almedina (2018)

  • The End of the Cognitive Empire: The Coming of Age of Epistemologies of the South. Durham and London: Duke University Press.

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