Manuel Marín Oconitrillo
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Manuel Marín Oconitrillo

Manuel Marín Oconitrillo was born in 1970 in Costa Rica. He studied music with a focus on singing at the University of Costa Rica and the National Autonomous University of Costa Rica, with Prof. Zamira Barquero and Elena Villalobos. He continued his studies under the direction of Maestro Dalmacio González in Barcelona and Maestro Gianni Raimondi in Bologna. He completed his training with numerous master classes with well-known singers and teachers including: James Demster, Violette Verneuil, Josef Mayers, Enrico di Giseppe, Kim Josephson, Dan Saunders, Iride Martinez and Luis Girón.

Manuel Marín Oconitrillo has been a tenured member of the Cologne Opera House since 2000. He is dedicated to the works of contemporary music, with a focus on Ibero-American composers. He received scholarships from the Pacific Music Festival in Sapporo, Japan, won several international awards, was promoted by the City of Cologne for projects in contemporary music, and even received an award for his "tribute to Pablo Neruda." He has recorded several recordings and has worked on numerous radio and television programs.

A novelist, narrator and poet, he is the author of the novels De bestiis, El día de la tercera revelación, and La puerta de Aravá. He has also written the short story collections: Los espejos del mundo, Cerrando el círculo, Fábula de los oráculos, and collections of poetry Invocaciones, and Y te llamé piedra cúbica.

His works have been published by Editorial Sapere Aude (Spain), Editorial Masónica (Spain), Laitman Publishers (Canada), Editorial Costa Rica (ECR), Editorial de la Universidad de Costa Rica (EUCR), Editorial de la Universidad Estatal a distancia (EUNED ), Editorial Arboleda (Costa Rica) and Editorial Líneas Grises (Costa Rica)

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