Clemente  Balladares Castillo
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Clemente Balladares Castillo

Graduated at Universidad de Oriente (Cumana, Venezuela 1991). With a Master degree in Spain and the United Kingdown (1994). He had many different working experiences like: dealing with tuna fisheries in the Esatern Pacific Ocean, seaweed aquaculture in Venezuela with Polar Enterprise, environmental assessments, and satellite fisheries in LatinAmerica.

Since the year 2000, he has worked with the Environment Ministry of his country dealing with marine fauna strandings, and coordinating conservation projects of sea turtles at the Paria Gulf. Recently in 2017 started his doctorate in Ecology at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

He love to write and publish, starting in the late 90s with a marine fabule (unpublished), afterword successful with real life histories as his first book A venezuelan with the Red Baron (2005), then a small commercial hit on Venezuelan Air Combat pilots (2007), in 2015 he wrote a short novel unpublished yet.

He wrote several articles on scientific magazines, peer reviewed and divulgative, including WSI mag in spanish. Since 2018 he has spoken in Radio Caracas Radio monthly with Veronica Oliveros at his program SinEs3 (without stress). In 2020 received the Energy Globe Award for a National Remarkable Environmental Initiative with his project in the Paria Gulf. Since 2021 is granted of the Marine Conservation Action Fund of the New England Aquarium in Boston (USA) and is starting a new alliance with Global Conservation in the Paria National Park.

Clemente has been married since 1998 to Alba Osuna, and both have two daughters. Fighting for a better Venezuela, but is open to the world!

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