My dear blood. My first daughter. I am writing this letter tying to help you and guide your way to the beginning of more independent life.

You may know life is not easy. So, I write these words to you trying to guide your paths. Maybe those days you feel afraid because of your final year in high school and the fore coming doors to the university. But remember as for other persons of your age (and any age) life is hard, I knew you look to the smarter and wealthier companions. However, always remember that the majority of young people in our country is very poor, have no means of living like you with health, plenty of food in the house, a good room with a comfortable bed, and a stable family.

The selection of a career marks your future. Besides, a good profession is another source of happiness as in my case. Then, think you well what I am telling regarding that. In the university, you could make new friends and even a boyfriend. You have to be respectful with the professors and all the people in the institution, from workers to the directors.

If you stay with us, your home will continue to be your home. But if you have the luck to study abroad below you will have several tips that equally serve in Venezuela.

  • Is an old saying that you already knew so keep it. “If you have to choose between the reason and the kindness, always choose kindness”.
  • Keep calm, do not be a robot, however, behave like a quiet person in front of crisis, accidents, anger people, and distressful situations.
  • Be honest, never take belongs of the others, especially personal items. Be fair with the money, nevertheless preserving yours.
  • Help people while you can, be cheerful with everybody. Show a sincere and gorgeous smile as much as you can.
  • Keep clean and tidy your bed, your room, your kitchen, your flat, your workplace and study. This tells a lot of you, and makes things look better.
  • Save money, do not expend all your incomes, always try to find the better prices without being mean, although think on emergencies and the future.
  • Never underestimate the evilness of few persons. Do not risk into dangerous places and situations. Security first, keep an eye on the exits and possible outcomes.
  • Wild parties and rides do not have to be the usual amusement. A good meal, a nice walk, the same studies and job have to be the usual satisfactions.
  • Think ahead, on goodness, on welfare. Of course, on yourself first, because you need to survive, however, help people from simple task until the most difficult.
  • Take good advice from wise and experienced persons, recognize when you are wrong and correct bad manners and behaviors.

Perhaps I need to cover more tips, but those are the main ones I think about. Your mum and dad will be always your confidents if you want, and your help, even we cannot. We love you a lot.