Over the last 4 months, the planet has been traumatize by the COVID-19 pandemic. More than a million humans were ill worldwide by this virus and from these huge numbers 50.000 were death especially in Italy (nearly 12.000 at the end of March… and counting). The majority of the probed analysis shows an Asiatic origin of the plague, particularly from the Wuhan life stock animal market in China. Genetic map of COVID-19 virus reveals it might have come from pangolins but a predecessor originated from bats as the Current Biology magazine state. It is not a manmade laboratory virus for biological warfare, as some have suggested.

The history of this XXI century pandemic started in the worst days of the communist country. A way to tackle the famine during the collapse of the Chinese economy in the 70s was to denationalize the production of foods. This policy relaxes sanitary and veterinary controls over huge amounts of local producers of animal breeders, not only the traditional domestics like cows, poultry, sheep, and swine. Wildlife animals, almost a hundred different taxa, especially exotics and endangered species raised in order to satisfy the gigantic Chinese human population demands and taste for exotic animals.

The typical pattern of livestock breeds on markets as in Wuhan is a crowded humid area sharing domestic, wild animals and humans. The proximity of these species maximize productivity but increase contamination with the feces, urine, and particularly the illness among each live organism. We certainly know that the SARS virus that appeared in the year 2003 came from a similar market in southern China.

As SARS plague affected the region, several markets and wildlife misuses were close but a few months later reopened. In November 2019 appeared in Wuhan’s market what we already know. The market was close but for how long, and how many more markets like these are still working, what about the not registered?

Many people even studied ones still insist that this Coronavirus 2019 is a manmade weapon. The extreme religious sector claimed is a revenge from gods for our XXI century advances and way of living so we have to be recluse and even slowdown technological progress. People from the even light left or right declare that Israel and the US are the culprits. They forget that the pandemic started in China and this fact was recognized by Xi Jinping government after a hard battle conducted by many brave doctors like Li Wenglian. Nevertheless, this political group keeps defending the Far East country.

The black plague of the year 1348 came from China disembarked in Geneva ports and this pandemic decimated a quarter of the European population of these late medieval times (some estimated documented 25 million). Bubonic illness is a zoonosis too; it means a germ with a pass from different animals until it reach humans. Nowadays we have scientific knowledge, almost good healthcare in most nations of the world, and a wide range of mass communications means to warn and educate the population. However, if we continue to allow illegal wildlife trade o decontrolled nurseries not just for food, amusements, exotic products, etc. The zoonosis pandemics like COVIDs or worst newcomers will be a continuous risk.