Faria Ahmed
Joined WSI in September 2022
Faria Ahmed

A writer, blogger and Graphics Designer originally from Bangladesh. She obtained a ‘Summa cum Laude’ Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the American International University- Bangladesh. She is professionally employed in the field of writing and works within agencies. She is currently collaborating with many companies throughout the world and she aims to be acknowledged for her writing expertise on the international platform.

Having a well-established writing career, Faria remains curious and seeks opportunities to explore new experiences. This makes her go towards new things.

Writing has proved to be her form of self-expression. Having learnt to express herself, her ideas, views and opinions through it with clarity, this has shown to be her most effective way of communication. For her, communicating with audiences is the most important part of writing.

As a Professional Writer, her skills include a portfolio of academic proofreading, articles, blogs and content writing, visual project formulation and many more. Her portfolio of work includes more than two thousand articles and writing pieces of different types. Persistent in this arena of writing as she’s been in this field for many years. She is also a registered writer on platforms like Joylada UK and Quora. She writes stories and expresses her ideas and views through writing. She is also interested in graphics design. She knows the software like photoshop and Canva.

She believes in versatility and variations in life. Giving up on something has never been in her character. She believes in finding ways at times of failure. That makes her different from the mass. Working in the writing field has made her open-minded, curious about new things and capable of thinking out of the box. Life is a puzzle and we have to solve it by finding out different paths at different phases.

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