Green and red are the colours of Bangladesh's national flag. But if you take a walk through the streets at the time of World cup football, everywhere you can see white and blue striped jerseys. There will be Argentine flags hanging in almost all the houses and offices. The DP of their social media accounts will be changed to photos of Argentina’s legendary player Lionel Messi, the Argentine team, the Argentine flag or their own pictures with the Argentine flag or jersey, which is truly unbelievable. It can be said that Bangladesh adopts Argentina as their national team at FIFA World Cup. And this is not only visible in this world cup, it is being celebrated as their culture for many years. Bangladesh has a wild obsession with Argentina. They started supporting Argentina like crazy from the era of Diego Maradona and now it’s Lionel Messi. And their support has never changed. Still, they have the same craze and obsession. This keeps on increasing day by day. They support this team in their failures as well. You cannot find a single fan of Argentina from Bangladesh, who stopped supporting Argentina at the time of their constant failure. In every world cup, they cheer for Argentina and the 2022 World Cup has been special. This time the supporters not only supported, but they also roared. They are the people who cried with Argentina at times of failure like in World Cup 2014. Argentina lost in the final match and every fan in Bangladesh cried with Messi and his team, and they enjoyed another World Cup in 2022. The fans cried this year also but it was the tears of joy. The fans cried once again with Messi and his team to enjoy his achievement. Messi’s dream was not only his dream, it was the dream of his millions of fans in Argentina, Bangladesh and throughout the world.

In the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Bangladeshi people gathered in many places with projectors hanging over them. At 3 AM, the crowd was still the same. When Messi lifted the trophy, it was also the time for celebration in Bangladesh. People sang, danced and cheered for their team, their hero Lionel Messi. Their social media feeds were flooded with pictures of Messi and their team Argentina with the trophy.

Bangladesh is in no way related to Argentina. Neither do they share the same border, nor do they live on the same continent. The fans of Bangladesh have a charming connection by heart with the Argentine team. They support them eternally. Lionel Messi is on top of the celebration. Once Argentina secured its place in the Final, Bangladesh already considered Argentina to be the winner. They gave the trophy to Messi already and once the trophy was attained by Messi and his team; the excitement was not a bit less than the people of Argentina. Every Argentine fan agrees with this statement:

When he (Lionel Messi) is happy, we are happy.

Tears fell from the eyes of the supporters. They could not hold back their emotion and even the cricket players of the national team of Bangladesh, came to the street to celebrate the victory of Lionel Messi and the team Argentina.

In today’s world, when people have become so materialistic, this sort of emotion is heart-touching. Bangladesh will not get anything in return for this tremendous support, and they do not expect such things. This is heart melting to see such selfless support from a country that is 17,050 km apart. This time, Argentina has shown their gratitude towards Bangladesh. Argentine fans also lifted the flag of Bangladesh as a token of love. They held the Bangladeshi flag at the time of their winning celebration with the team. Bangladeshi flags were also seen in the Qatar World Cup stadium, and they thanked Bangladesh for this eternal selfless support. Not only this, the coach of Argentina, Lionel Scaloni thanked Bangladesh fans at a press conference. The wife of Lionel Messi also thanked Bangladesh for their constant support. Messi's family and the whole of Argentina know about Bangladesh and their supportive fans, this is the best thing these fans could ever expect.

May this bond live forever between these countries and Argentina will always get this support from Bangladesh. This connection must not break and keep on continuing generation after generation as it has always been.