Knowledge is power means that knowledge is the strength of a person which none can steal from him. People get different experiences along their journey in life and gain knowledge. This might come up from different sources but this remains with the person only, who has achieved it. Knowledge is an asset which can often be more important than money. Without knowledge, somebody can't become successful in life. To grow in a career, gaining knowledge is important. Knowledge helps shape our personality and perfect our behaviour and how we act around others. Without the proper knowledge, we cannot achieve bigger things in life. In education, knowledge helps us create our own opinion and views on life and society as a whole. It helps us become politically active. Education is diverse from knowledge. While education is the procedure of gaining information about the surrounding world, knowledge helps develop a viewpoint about the world.

This is a power that we all are aware of but this is not a real power, but a potential one. This might sound absurd but it is the reality. Many might have contradictory opinions on it but there is some logical ground behind this statement. The reason knowledge is a potential power is that having access to knowledge and being capable of executing the knowledge are diverse things. In today’s world of digitalization, people have access to all kinds of information. All the electronics are getting smarter. Knowledge is the real power only when it can be executed properly. When we gain knowledge from different sources to fulfil a particular purpose, we discover the technologies. Those technologies help us enhance the results and make our work more efficient.

If knowledge was a real power, without practical implications, people could have known everything. There was no need to have any more experience. For example, if we consider the use of technology in research works, this enables people of getting more information within a very short time. The whole knowledge is not being achieved or gained but there are ways to gather information. Always there is no need to have proper knowledge, but we can use others’ knowledge through research activities. So, knowledge has to be used in proper ways and directions. We need to use our knowledge in productive ways. There can be instances like in a country, there are many knowledgeable people but still, there is a downward in the economy. But that should not have been the case. The reason for such failure with many knowledgeable people in the country is the lesser use of knowledge in practical ways. The main issue is that we have to use our knowledge by organizing it into a definite plan of action and directing it to a definite end.

When knowledge is stowed in the head, maybe from reading something or observing, is applied decisively, evocatively and efficiently, to generate a prolific outcome or constructive tangible deliverable, in the progression of one's life, then it will become a power.

So, knowledge applied is the power, or else, it is a potential power.