Happiness is the mental state that can be achieved only by being happy with whatever we have. In recent days, people are extremely determined to achieve bigger things and there is nothing wrong with that. But there should be a limit to the expectation and comparing one’s life to another’s is another reason for people being unhappy. We must remember that everyone has his or her timeline and success and failures. We only see the success of a person but do not observe the struggles he or she made along the way of getting success. If we keep comparing our lives to theirs, we can never become happy, or successful. We should strive harder to attain success. But in the meantime, we must enjoy the little things in life we are blessed with.

In our childhood, we always wanted to become adults to get rid of the restrictions that we confront at a young age. But once we grow up, we miss the young age. Those who enjoy their lives in the moment they live are the happiest. Very little things can bring smiles to our faces, we just need to appreciate the things we possess. If we keep on complaining about our lives, we can never be happy. We must always look up to and realize our blessings in life. When we see only the people with more blissful life, we can never find happiness. This is a relative term and we can find happiness in whatever we have. For example, if we have a nice family, we must be happy because many people do not have a family. At a small age, we become happy with cheap toys, which we cannot be when we get older. At an older age, we might have lots of money but can’t experience that happiness. The reason is not money, but rather the age and the demand. Money can buy happiness but not time. Time goes on and we must find happiness for the time being. There can be tough times in life but that should not be the time to fall apart. That is the time we need to be stronger. Happiness should be enjoyed, not hunted.

We all strive for making ourselves happy. Whatever we do, the ultimate thing is to remain happy always. Happiness comes with satisfaction. If we can keep our demands lower, happiness will follow. We have to be satisfied with what we have. Our mental and physical health will be good if we remain happy. Being happy is much more important than being rich. We know that money can make us happy as we can afford luxurious things with money but this is not always true. Mental satisfaction is a completely different thing and we must appreciate whatever we have. We always need to lower our gaze to become satisfied with the things we possess. If we look around us, we can see how unhappy people are and how blessed our lives are compared to others!

Hence, we must focus on our present day and the things we have, to find happiness. Happiness is affordable if we can keep our demands lower. If we let our demands rise too much, we can never find happiness. So, it is the mental state to make our lives easier. Be happy, spread happiness and make your happiness affordable to get a better life!

Whatever happens, happens for the good. Don't stress yourself. Always be happy!