Hiba Outa

Hiba Outa is a Lebanese English Poetry award winner, animal rights activist, and a former red crosser. She is a very active person who grabs every opportunity that comes her way to broaden her experiences in life and unlock closed doors. As a result, she participated in a Creative Writing competition held by the Ministry of Culture. She won the first rank in English Poetry in Lebanon and that was her great motive to write a book in the future. She has been passionate about literature and writing poems ever since she was in high school and saved a big collection of her journals, poems, and short stories of different genres. Her love for poetry led her to pursue her BA in English Literature and Language.

She was so eager to share her writings with the world to enlighten and raise awareness as most of what she writes are overlooked subjects and sometimes considered Taboo in her society. She defies her society and keeps working until the last breath for a better world. This shows her eager determination as well as fierceness in character. Hiba is a very ambitious girl who dreams of becoming a bestselling novelist, reflecting her personal experiences and hardships so that others understand life better. Back then, she was financially incapable of publishing a book and wasn't ready either, so she developed a website on her own - knowing that she has no web development skills - when she was only 18 years old. Her website comprises a collection of all her writings.

Moreover, she is a proactive model citizen who loves community service. She has a quite long history of volunteering in the Lebanese Red Cross, AID Lebanon, Perpetual Animal Watch, and Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University. She feels high responsibility toward her community and always seeks change in her country. She strives to help every living soul on this earth: humans and animals. She highly believes in making one day an impactful change for humans and animals to co-exist peacefully.

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