It’s you again how dare you,
I’ll give you my lense to see the view,

You locked me in your prison forever,
Don’t deny it you’re the criminal whatsoever,

An innocent can’t be punished for no reason,
Nothing is in man’s favor not the world not the season,

How dare you come ask me if am doing fine,
I gave you everything now nothing is mine,

I still up till now have opened scars,
Guess you should be the one standing behind those bars,

Who gave you the right to throw me in your cell,
We had a promise does that ring a bell,

Your excuse now is that cells have rules to follow,
You don’t want to break them but you can make my heart hollow,

Just tell me how dare you come visit my cell,
Chapter closed I don’t want on the past to dwell,

You’re so rude you love seeing me tortured,
Your mind has always been morbid,

I keep running in circles and thinking what went wrong,
I use my nails to write on the wall a sad song,

Am becoming mad I need an escape,
I started covering my mouth with a black tape,

Why am I choosing to become voiceless,
Why am I allowing you to make of me a mess,

Look at the chains around my neck,
I think I wont survive this wreck,

The room is running out of oxygen,
I beg you to give me a paper and a pen,

No I won't tell you I need you to breathe,
I forgive you but deep inside am about to seethe,

My pen understands me more than you do,
I loved you deeply but you had no clue,

Can you listen? They’re calling my name,
I guess nothing will change everything’s still the same,

Will they set me free and I go back to you,
Am I in a dream or what is happening is true,

Are you still waiting for my return,
Or all my letters you did burn,

Am still holding on and look forward to your hug,
How can someone swallow a toxic drug,

Tell me how am I supposed to move on,
Before I pull the trigger of the gun,

I need you to tell me why you visited my cell,
Why do I care this much and you threw me in hell,

You see in life we love the people who break us,
And leave no room for us to discuss,

And despise the ones who hold us with our flaws,
Instead of shaking hands we show our claws,

Stuck with my personal demons handcuffed,
Unmask your face and remember who you once loved.

This poem is about a girl who can’t get over her past lover. She is a prisoner of his love, although he mistreated her. She blames him for throwing her in a cell and calls him rude for asking about her. She is such a complicated person as she doesn’t know what she wants. She asks him not to dwell on the past as it is gone, but she herself can’t even forget and acts accordingly. What an irony!