I’m not a fan of Mathematics. I actually hate it. However, I have always loved the concept of the angle. It is unfixed. Once you change the size of an angle, the others automatically change.

The 60° angle wishes to be big in size just like the 90° angle, but it is actually bigger when compared with the 30°. Likewise, the 30° angle wishes to be just like the 60° angle. In other words, the 60° angle is a wish to the 30° just as 90° is to the 60°. Nevertheless, it is all about the angle from which you see things from.

The same applies to life….

You see person A, who is saving every penny from their job to buy a car, dreams of owning the house person B has and feels behind in life with zero achievements. In contrast, person C is jobless and wishes to have a job in the first place. Upon analyzing this, we conclude the following:

Person A feels worthless with respect to person B, while they are way ahead in life when compared to person C. It is all about relativity! That is why there is no use in comparing our life events with others. Every person in life moves at their own pace. Each life has its own speed!

Let me explain what I mean…

Respect your divine timing!

A 25-year-old girl invited her friend to her newly opened gallery, where she showcases all her artwork. Upon hearing this, her friend feels nervous and pressured by the non-stop questions and endless conversations in her mind. She can’t take the cognitive load anymore, for her mind is muddled and she keeps dabbling with so many complex thoughts about her life. The most prominent question is: “Why her, not me?” She becomes hard on herself with these annoying questions and runs in circles thinking:

  • I am also 25 years old, just like her, and I haven’t started my own business yet.
  • I don’t even know how to draw. I have no talent.
  • I am not a business owner, but an employee of a company.

You will absolutely look very pitiful just because your life doesn’t measure up. This is not a fair comparison! Who said that life expectations should happen at a certain stage? Who said you should be owning a business by 25 and if you didn’t then you are a complete failure? Is 25 years old now a standard for becoming job owners just because your friend is one now? Each one excels at a specific skill. You certainly are good at something. Who said that we should master the skill that others are good at and if we don’t then this is a complete disaster?

Each one has their own capabilities, way of thinking, and different qualifications…and that’s what makes us stand out! On one hand, it is natural to compare ourselves to others and is in fact healthy if and only if we want to level up. On the other hand, it is a sure-fire strategy, if we lack self-confidence, as this will lead us to be unhappy and ungrateful with what we have. Again, it depends on how you see things!

There are certain events in our life that take place just when we are ready. Things don’t haphazardly occur. In this case, maybe the girl is not fully prepared, mentally and psychologically, to run a business on her own. Sometimes, just seeing other people doing it makes you have a strong urge out of nowhere to have it too. However, each one’s circumstances change accordingly. This girl might be at a phase that makes her ineligible for this step according to life; however, she thinks she is. Weren’t you filled with remorse the last time you took a step in something you thought you were ready to achieve, but you actually weren’t?

Let’s try to tilt our heads and look at things from a different angle. What would happen if the invitation to the gallery was seen as an opportunity to meet new artists and expand connections? What if this was also seen as the start of learning a new skill: like drawing, perhaps? Why can’t the girl see the different possibilities of making a success out of this invitation? She is blinded by irrational thinking. See how things can differ immensely just by looking at them from another perspective?

Simple formula:

Old mindset + different angle = Change in viewpoint

Why does this girl want to rush life? When we are rushing, we are in a state of perplexity and anxiety that are translated into brain fog and loss of sanity. And how are you to make a well-informed decision with this bewildered mind? Hence, the product of this unstable formula is definitely destructive. We are messing up with the timings of life events and obliging life to happen to us just like we want it to. You will always come off bad if you keep comparing your life to others. Do you know why? Because they are not you and you are not them! Each and everyone has their own life that shouldn’t make sense to anyone but them.

How many times have you gotten yourself into doing something and could foresee you getting into trouble because it wasn’t the right time for doing it? How many times did we look back at our life and regret not waiting? How many times did we catch ourselves having this mental self-flagellation?

Life is not a race against anyone else but ourselves! The only person you have to compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday. Only then will you know how to live life peacefully by changing your attitude.

You are different from everyone else. In fact, you are unique. You have your own personality and your own way of getting things done. Everyone has different timing. Change the angle from which you look at things and your whole life changes. So, stop comparing your life to others! We all see life from different perspectives, so let others live and focus on your own path.