I don’t want your trust in us dogs to shatter.
But I swear I was just obeying my master!

"Pablo" the dog, is standing before a man, feeling remorseful for his actions that he has unintentionally committed. Even though people might get annoyed by the nonstop barking, this is the only way for him to say sorry—through woofs and barks. The sense of guilt is tearing him apart, for he never meant to hurt the man. Metaphorically, the dog is desperately yearning for the forgiveness of the man and explaining to him the miserable life he’s leading.

It is important to remember that when a dog that has an owner bites someone, it says a lot about the owner and not about the dog. Dogs are obedient creatures that learn commands and follow instructions, because they have an innate desire to please their owners. Again, if a dog exhibits aggressive behavior, it is solely the responsibility of the owner for shaping their pet’s behavior. However, proper training and responsible ownership are crucial for preventing incidents of aggression and biting. In addition, fulfilling the needs of your furry companion ensures its proper well-being and promotes good behavior.

Dear Human,
With a heavy heart and a wagging tail,
I apologize, but I swear I didn’t fail.

I didn’t fail the test of love,
For I am faithful even when times are tough.

It’s true, I hurt you with my sharp teeth
But in moments of confusion, I can barely breathe.

My barks echoed like thunder on a stormy night
And now you hate me because of that bite.

Please understand this was never my aim
Right now, I am flooded with shame.

I didn’t mean to cause you any fright,
I was only obeying my master and was ordered to fight.

My behavior was never a reflection of my feelings towards you,
But about my miserable life you have no clue.

I really hate it how I was trained
I wish at that damn moment I was chained.

But I wasn’t trained how to distinguish,
I thought all passersby deserve my anguish.

I am an obedient animal that responds to all teachings I receive
I am so loyal, and in my dictionary you won’t find the word "deceive."

Barking is my only defense mechanism
Don’t be harsh with your criticism.

This is the result of improper socialization
Please be a good example for the coming generation.

You should come see my disastrous life
Left in my canine of sorrow, longing for the afterlife.

Only then will you excuse my obnoxious behavior
And in my loyalty, you won’t ever waver.

Am abandoned and neglected I barely eat
They put me no food for my friends to defeat

I was once loved, but now am in the depths of despair
All I yearned for was love and tender care.

Blame humans for molding me this way
If they could understand dog language, I have lots to say

Behind this aggressive façade lies a wounded soul
That will still catch you when you fall.

Can you sense the remorse I feel?
The wound inside will take forever to heal.

I offer you my paw to hold.
Now that the truth is about to unfold,

A simple pat on my head,
Can make me forget all what you have harshly said,

Embrace me with compassion and give me a glimpse of hope,
And promise me to change in dogs your scope,

This way, you can help erase my distorted past.
And transform aggression into love that will last,

I don’t want your trust in us dogs to shatter
But I swear I was just obeying my master.