Mouna  Diaj
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Mouna Diaj

Mouna Diaj was born and raised in the beautiful city of Tangier, Morocco.

The north pearl of the kingdom and its historical, colonial, and multicultural imprints from its international era have always fascinated the writer in her and pushed her curiosity to explore stories beyond the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea that boards her beloved city.

She successfully merged and pledged her Finance background (Master's degree) and her year of digital communication study, along with her MBA in audiovisual production in Paris, to the service of the seventh art.

Her experiences in the entrainment industry led her through film markets and film festivals around the world, in and out of movie sets and foreign locations, and many other projects producing sounds and images.

Her empathic nature made her observe and absorb knowledge, create tight bonds and seek job-related challenges as she went through different projects.

From producing ads, corporate movies, and short documentaries to coordinating big-budget films and negotiating rights and deals for international access, Mouna acquired a vast and detailed perception of the motion picture through the years.

During those busy professional years, she kept a journal about the thrill of the Cannes film festival, the pressure before the AFM or the Berlinale, and the beautiful glimpse she got into the Asian culture through months of working on a Korean movie set. Writing has indeed always been a safe place for her to exercise honest self-expression.

The international and multicultural side of the industry is what always appealed to her the most. She knows not only the filmmaking process but also the film-selling one, but what she is most proud of now is her human knowledge of the people that work behind the picture, the real storytellers of the entertainment realm.

Mouna has an unusual take from all her stories within the production and international sales departments. Her writing inspirations are deeply rooted within her heart's philosophy and her life's perception.

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