People think that purpose and passion go hand in hand. The terms are often interchangeable, but I'm going to claim that passion and purpose are two different things, but combined, they can genuinely result in magic. Despite how drastically they differ, whatever you're looking for, passion or purpose, having both buckets filled might provide you with the most delight and satisfaction in life.

The internal vs. external outlook distinction between passion and purpose is perhaps my favourite; although passion is what birth provides you with, purpose is what you offer to the world. If you're unsure about the relationship between passion and purpose, consider author, former monk, and public speaker Jay Shetty's description of the two: "Your passion is for you, and your purpose is for others. When you use your passion to serve others, it becomes your purpose." In Jay's perspective, passion is one of the four dimensions responsible for creating your destiny. Your purpose is where your passion, mission, profession, and vocation all come together.

The concept of emotional reaction is another perspective to take on the passion vs. purpose dilemma; the purpose is the motivational force behind emotions, whereas passion is what delights you and ignites a fire of emotions within you, whether it's love or hatred, a feeling is what it is, and emotions can also be put into energy.

As Oprah well put it: "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." I love the idea of passion as energy since it implies that it may be generated within. You may concentrate on developing excitement for it since it is constantly flowing.

Take music, for instance; you've probably had an intense encounter with music that sparked your emotions; whether you were listening to it or performing it, at some point in some song, your feelings were deeply touched, and you ignited a spark between your energy and music, and you rushed to express it through your feelings. You conveyed your most authentic state of passion at that moment.

Consider passion serving as a 'what' and purpose as a 'why'. Passions can be created, just like your emotions; purpose, on the other hand, is the reason something exists or is built. The distinction between purpose and passion may also be seen in quantity. This makes sense if you see your passions as activities that make you happy. You can grow an intense enthusiasm for various pursuits and subjects. Besides, having several hobbies implies you may prosper and alter them over time. In contrast, a purpose is unique if you consider why you were sent to this planet. Although your "why" may change the method you pursue, your underlying "why" stays clear-cut and unchanging. Now that you know how to distinguish between emotion and purpose let's go over why it is essential to make the distinction.

Drawing a line between passion and purpose is crucial so you can quickly distinguish between the two and implement each one into your life. While each one improves your life on its own, having both passion and purpose may be worthwhile. Your extent of engagement can be more effectively directed by a clear understanding of whether an activity inspires passion or serves a purpose.

The primary lesson to remember here is that marrying the two can make you prosper in life and reach a higher version of yourself. While seeking the perfect career setting, the golden key centres at the intersection between passion and purpose.

So go ahead, dive into your mind, find your lost crossroad, get that enchanted passion and purpose, and start practising your magic, I can assure you this world needs it!