Humanity has been in love with superheroes since long before they appeared on movie screens. The Golden Age of comics initially sparked the interest, but the arrival and blooming of special effects are what got the planet hooked for good.

So why do we love superheroes? Is it the ultimate form of escapism?

Escapism is yet another form of diversion. it consists in avoiding unpleasant feelings or reality by diverting oneself from them, and we humans have been nothing but outstanding at shifting our focus from one thing to another to avoid feeling. This is absurd since the thing we long for the most is to be seen and loved.

We essentially invented the entrainment industry to be the perfect escape door into the world that knows no boundaries and no shortage of love and imagination.

Distraction can take many different shapes, but fantasy is a common one. It delivered us physically and psychologically perfect beings, often from other planets; it provided an infinite sea of possibilities and a vast source of imagination.

Now, the most pressing question that reaches the collective mind is whether there is enough representation in this newfound form of escapism.

See, it is true what they say, with great power comes enormous responsibility, and a successful superhero story always follows the same pattern. While overcoming moral, physical, and emotional obstacles, the hero rescues the day. As a result, they can grow into a more substantial person overall.

When people seek more than comfort in the chaotic world surrounding them and long for a sense of consistency, Superhero tales are reassuring; even though they may feel like rollercoaster rides, they are full of difficulties with the promise that it will all work out in the end.

While all superheroes share a common framework that is recognizable and predictable, the packaging they come in might differ significantly, so we can always find a superhero with whom we can identify.

These icons can save the day in many ways, depending on their appearance, character, feelings, triggers, backstories, strengths, and limits. We can identify with these parts if we can recognize ourselves in them. Now, heroes have flaws, too, and could be like us, facing the same challenges, vulnerability, trauma, anxiety, grief, anger, and fear.

We are intrigued by how they can overcome the difficulties they encounter, and let us not overlook that each superhero possesses a superpower we deeply and secretly desire.

Representation is more and more accurate every year because people are coming out demanding a fair representation of all minorities across the world. Since these people are the currency on which the industry builds its profits, it must answer the call.

After all, it is up to the creators of comic books, scriptwriters, and producers to keep pushing the boundaries and design heroes who represent a more comprehensive range of people. There are now a few intriguing personalities that could improve movie representation.


Humanity has longed for a savior for as long as storytelling goes back in time. This savior's enduring popularity has influenced not only individuals on personal levels but society as a whole.

History can testify that during the eras of global conflict and collapsing economies, we tend to go back to or find new forms of escapism. The golden age of comics is proof of that since it happened at the dawn of world wars and crises, and the more recent explosion of Superhero blockbuster movies came right after the Middle East wars, 9/11, and an overall rise in international terrorism.

Superheroes serve as excellent role models for everyone in general. Their tales serve as an illustration of the greater good, how success frequently requires making sacrifices, the necessity of self-control and responsibility, and frequently the significance of teamwork.

There is something undeniably special about heroic tales and undoubtedly unique, and it is intriguing to learn how they can shape our mentality over time.

Believe that this seemingly little escape world may prepare us for life's challenges or mold us into the firm, trustworthy people we will and can one day become. However, our love for superheroes transcends the border of the imaginary realm — some of us keep the flame burning in real life because we know that we need these idols out of the dream world and into the real one to be our anchors and remind us of what truly matters.