The term "alternative facts" has become omnipresent in the political and social arena, giving the issue of facts and the issue of truth dramatic importance in the last few years. Whether accurate or alternative, facts occasionally possess a peculiar power that renders their intrinsic truth incredulous while universal verities struggle to maintain their roots and hold validity.

Filmmaking, just like movies, has deep layers of reality, including pleasant and euphoric truths. Seeking those truths is elusive and enigmatic, and the only ways to achieve it are through imagination, fantasy, and fiction.

Real-life operates under the same rules as a motion picture; there are deeper layers of reality in everyone's life and mind, and people sometimes seek those euphoric truths or alternative facts through denial, fabrication, and mischief.

So what kind of truths lies behind the scenes? What facts do people go out of their way to seek or hide? Moreover, what kind of realities live within each player in the movie-making process?

The Anima/Animus dilemma

With all the unmistakable achievements of female actors, artists, writers, film directors, and producers worldwide, it is simple to believe that gender equality in this sector is on the mend, especially after the rise of the Me-too Movement.

Contrary to this belief, there is still a significant disparity; the degree to which sexism manifests varies from one work culture to another. However, they all have one thing in common: the gap is undoubtedly there, and we all go about our lives as if we lived in different realities completely oblivious to any potential collision.

Pressure is the Powerhouse

The entertainment sector is likely the industry that places the most extreme pressure on its employees. Everything is deeply examined, from how people dress and talk to how they perceive and carry themselves as individuals.

When told to take nothing personally, they can bet their soul things will get highly personal because people have a way of getting under each other's skin.

Keeping mental health on the safe side requires a flexible mindset, and keeping morals and ethics from compromise is much more complex when playing the field with one's assigned role.

Temptation is everywhere, and misery loves company. In some cultures, placing pressure and fear at the top of the pyramid is what it takes to be the boss, and keeping the system up and running is what it takes to stay in power.

Stealing is trending

Swiping dollars from budgets has become a fun and carefree activity for some work cultures, whether to prove worthiness to the boss or get a piece of the cake for oneself. The matter has gotten out of hand and now lacks basic human decency.

Daring to speak against this kind of exercise or even criticize usually ends up in a witch-hunt and a crucifixion trip. Long gone are Emmanuel Kant's theories of morals and ethics; now the devil is at play, and he is doing wonders.

Rumor has it

This industry is so rife with rumors daily that it is difficult, to tell the truth from lies. Subscribing to playing a part in spreading these rumors is, unfortunately, part of the trick. Who needs to buy the truth when lies are given away free of charge?

People frequently encourage these rumors even if they are unfounded and inaccurate. More profound industry research, however, showed that there are typically more realities to these tales than individuals are inclined to trust.

Some people are sold, and some awards are bought

Both insiders and outsiders are unaware that numerous accolades producers and celebrities flaunt are purchased from the organizations that bestow them instead of being given to deserving recipients. It is all about profit and politics.

Furthermore, since selling prizes is doable, so is buying others' silence and conscience with money and promotions. To some psyches in the business, everything has a price tag, and everyone has a weakness to exploit.


Like a motion picture, filmmaking realities are filled with plots, twists, cliffhangers, and antagonists in friendly cloths, and facts are easily replaced with alternative ones.

Fake news holds the wheel, false rumors keep it running and these untold truths remain trapped going around in circles in a web of lies and egos, desperately hoping for the collective consciousness to rise from the ashes and make a change.

Beat them or join them is an illusion created to keep the mind trapped in the system, the main goal is to keep you running around the wheel. Do not concede or compete . Do not compromise yourself to feel like you belong, do not be afraid to speak your mind or hold your ground, do not be quick to dismiss your gut feelings, and do not be ashamed to jump from one team to another. Keep testing uncharted waters until you find your perfect reef.

Some people in the industry actually care about doing their job while respecting basic universal laws and moralities, making emotional connections while working on fiction or non-fiction is an experience only full-hearted people can manifest, ride and enjoy. Shallow ones will be hell-bound on perusing instant ego praise by creating conflicts unexpectedly.

It is truly possible to raise better awareness in the sector among the younger generation by setting examples and weaving a path for honest conversations. However, do not hold your breath. People have a way of disappointing for the sake of disappointment and clinging to alternative facts because it serves whatever deep selfish reasons they may have. But, as my saying goes: Hope remains and I believe humanity will prevail.