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My name is Sarah Berjaoui , I am originally Lebanese Greek and I currently live between those countries, literally. The curse of children of mixed parents is that they can never choose which place to call home. However, the gift is that they can call both places home.

I am a multipreneur with various interests and occupations. I am a civil engineer by profession but my passions are hospitality, travel and self-development.

Writing has always been a part of me. I can never know beforehand what I will be writing about. I know only at the moment.

Sometimes it is about the stunning hotels I visit, the incredible people I meet and sometimes it is about the struggles and beauties of my constant inner evolution journey and sometimes it can be about a simple daily experience that triggered a whole new chapter in my life.

I believe that we are all in a constant evolution journey, and I hope that by sharing mine I can inspire others to walk through theirs.

The past few years I have been so interested in finding ways to discover myself more and more and it led me into studying different modalities.

Firstly I studied yoga in order to be able to connect my body and mind and after that, I focused myself on my favorite modality which is called Human Design.

A tool I discovered a few years ago that changed my life. The science of differentiation taught me to understand who I am, accept my difference and learn to follow my own authority.

Observing myself the past few years helped me see the changes that I went through, the internal evolution.

I also love traveling and especially in places I have never been but my favorite kind of traveling is participating in retreats all around the world.

Last year I visited the Hague for a life-changing retreat and since then I continue following my passion for retreats.

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