Human design is not yet another way to do a personality test, it is actually a science. A science that is based in an ancient Chinese wisdom, the Iching combined with Astrology, the tree of life and our genetical DNA.

It was discovered in 1989 and it will soon become a science that will be taught in schools, used in universities and depend on at work.

Human design is something I discovered 5 years ago and I can say with certainly that is has changed my life.

Knowing ourselves is no easy job, especially for our generation raised on the 80’s and 90’ They were so many rules, so many influences so many must and even more conditioning. Staring from the families, the schools, the trainers, the religion you name it, they all were trying their best to influence us and condition us in the ways they considered the best.

So, what did this result to? A generation of conditioned children leading to a bunch of lost and dependent adults

So, what happens with human design? What does it show you? In simple words, human design is the science of differentiation so in simple words it is the science that shows us and allows us to accept the fact that we are all so profoundly different.

Secondly, it teaches something very fundamentally important for a complete and independent adult. It teaches us first to know our Authority and secondly to trust it.

What does this really mean? I will try to explain it simply because for me it is one of the most important things I learned from this science.

According to human esign, there are 7 different authorities:

  • The emotional.
  • The sacral.
  • The splenic.
  • The self-projected.
  • The mental.
  • The moon phases.

So, each of us belongs in one of those authorities. This is the beginning of it, however knowing that each of us is different, our decisions are influenced different I will not explain them all but I will explain two very different ones The emotional and the splenic The emotional authority is the decision strategy of the emotional people. The people who have their solar plexus defined and all their life is filtered by their emotions. Each moment of their lives has an emotional taste, good or bad.

The problem is that an emotional child that does not have its emotions embraced and accepted as a child learns to hate them. This can only cause frustration, confusion and a very indecisive adult.

Why? When your authority is your emotions, not only you have to accept your emotions, but you have to deeply feel them, and then you actually have to wait until you have clarity. Not on the heights not on the lows. Clarity does not come on demand though, the more we trust the process the more we allow time and the more we feel our emotions, clarity comes.

A child that was allowed to wait for a decision when it was a child, allowed to change each mind and allowed to feel its emotions, will grow up trusting their inner authority and waiting for their own clarity.

A child that isn’t, ends up taking no decision, taking the wrong ones or finally giving the decisions to the hands of others.

The exact opposite authority is what we call splenic authority, this is the authority that only knows in the moment. The child with this authority has taken the decision in the moment, and funnily enough the decision comes once, so if they don’t listen it won’t come back.

This child knows what they want and they know it fast. they know it in the moment. If, however they child is not accepted for this fast knowing, they will grow up not listening to this momentary and fast knowing and their will live a life doubting themselves.

This is one of the parts of human design. I have an emotional authority and through human design I found out that I am not indecisive, I am someone you need time, lots of time. I need time to take a decision, I need time to know how I will behave in a situation, I need to time before I approach or be approached, and most importantly I might change my mind.

I started learning human design mainly from a big desire to understand myself, and then throughout my journey I decided that I really wanted to study it and learn more and more about it. Now I use human design in my work, I use it in my relationships and I use it to understand myself deeper and deeper.

Ra Uru Hu says that human design is an experiment, an experiment you should surrender without expectations. I have been in this experiment for the past 5 years and I can honestly and very surprisingly say that every day I am discovering more and more about myself.

I am loving myself a little bit more; I am proud of myself more and more and I am accepting myself even more.

I have worked with human design with a lot of my clients and I can say with confidence it has changed my clients’ lives. They open up to a new world, the world of their own inner knowing. Authority is just one small part of what human design shows you, but certainly a very important one, because what are we in this world if not responsible and capable of our own decisions?