It has been 8 days since you left my side, and I can say with certainty it’s not getting any easier Each day I feel sadder, and each moment reminds me of you more and more.

When people see me crying for your loss are wondering why I do grief so much for the loss of a dog, they don’t know that for me it was the loss of a soulmate.

For them you were one of the many dogs that tragically but naturally die too soon, for me you are The One.

You are the one that gave me kindness freely, motivation by existing and love by default. I still walk inside my door waiting for you to run with your head under my arms, cry from happiness and move your tail as if we haven’t seen each other for 3 years.

I am angry at myself; I am angry because for some reason I thought or wished that you are going to love forever. I thought no, she is special so she will die too soon. One thing I truly was not was realistic. I did not see the fact for what they were, you were tired and eventually you were ready.

You are never prepared for the day you will lose a beloved dog and you are never ready for the absence it will bring to your life.

Dog is you; it is a part of yourself. The more time you spend together the more you become one.

You move they move; you sleep they sleep; you cry they cry; you laugh they laugh; you play they play. It is the only living creature in anybody’s life that spend as much time with us as we do with ourselves.

In a way Moly taught me everything I needed about myself.

She taught me to allow myself to take time to enjoy the moment, no matter what the moment was. It could be a moment seating in a bench doing nothing, it might be a moment seating in bed hugging each other or it could be a moment just existing, doing absolutely nothing.

For years people try to learn the art of mindfulness, but all the must do is own a dog.

When was with you I forgot, I forgot time, people, work, life itself. I just existed in the moment.

Why? Because you were satisfying one of the most important but basic needs of Human Beings, the need to be loved unconditionally and admired wholly and extraordinarily.

I could not understand why you loved me so much, but all I could do was love you back, and in time I started becoming the person you loved.

I have many regrets, one being I wish I spent more time with you. All those times where I wanted to walk you and I didn’t, I wanted to take you to the beach, and I left it for later.

I wish you complained more, I wish you pushed me more, but how could you?

Dogs are the only living beings that love someone else more than they love themselves, and this was absolutely the case for you.

Truth is in my heart I knew when the time was coming. I even started asking myself what I will do when you die.

I will never forget our last week together.

You waited patiently until I booked a beautiful photo shooting we did together, and then that was it.

Universe works in the most mysterious ways, I remember I booked the shooting for Friday, but something told me to move it for Wednesday, and I did.

Everything was fine until the photographer left, and then you let go.

Wednesday night was horrifying, you had such a difficult night I was not sure you were going to make it.

We stayed awake side by side, hoping and dreaming and being together.

Thursday I was optimistic the vet gave you some medicines and I was happy, but still your breathing was not ok.

Saturday, we went for our last Chemo, and this is when I knew. You were not responding, not angry not happy.

I was still not accepting it until you refused to walk to the car, and then that night we slept. We slept together for the last time, and you made sure we slept a lot.

We went to bed at 6, hugging and for the first time you didn’t even move, you let me hug you all night.

I was so happy to be with you but when Sunday morning came, I knew. You were ready, you didn’t want water or food, you are waiting for the day to pass, so you could say goodbye to my parents and then look at me and just like that, close your eyes and say goodbye.

The hardest goodbye I have ever said.

I chose a beautiful place for you, overlooking the sea, I planted it with the most beautiful flowers and I built a beautiful bench next to you, this way everybody that will pass by, will know that this is where the most beautiful, kindhearted dog is living, for ever Forever in my heart.