Dr. M. Timothy  Mounce
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Dr. M. Timothy Mounce

Dr. Mounce is an author, podcaster, narrator, and professor. His children’s books include:

• Baby Bigfoot’s Halloween Party Countdown --- this Amazon #1 New Release and #2 Amazon Best Seller is not your average children’s counting book. Baby Bigfoot is having a Halloween party. He has invited a lot of friends to the party. Help Baby Bigfoot count everyone at the party! Young children will learn basic counting, older children will be challenged by elusive mathematical concepts, and grownups will love the mathematical references and hilarious dialogue. It even comes with its own website to further explore the concepts within!

Let’s Play Tennis! (A Baby Bigfoot & Baby Yeti Book) --- this #3 Amazon Best Seller is hysterical fun for the whole family. Baby Bigfoot can’t wait to play a game of tennis with Baby Yeti, but will an epic smash ruin the fun? Let’s Play Tennis! is a book to help your children cultivate imagination and grow their love of reading.

Squatching By Woods on a Snowy Evening (A Squatching Classics Book) --- Mary is a fearless adventurer. Fuzzy Monkey is her cautious but loyal companion. Mary and Fuzzy Monkey love to go squatching. In Squatching By Woods on a Snowy Evening, Mary takes Fuzzy Monkey on their snowiest adventure yet. But will Baby Bigfoot and Baby Yeti sightings galore keep them from reaching their destination? Squatching By Woods is the perfect introduction to literary classics for young readers. Children ages 9 – 12 and grades 3- 8 will find this illustrated parody of the Robert Frost poem a humorous and entertaining glimpse into the world of cryptozoology.

Along with his friends CJ Dearinger and Smitty Neaves, Dr. Mounce is also the host of a Top-25 science charts podcast that was nominated for a People’s Choice Podcast Award: All Things – Unexplained.

Each week, they search for answers for everything from UFOs to Bigfoot. It’s a fun approach to unearthing exciting and unanswered questions about our world and beyond. They’re often mysterious, sometimes serious, and unexplained. To support the show, just find @bigfootufo on Venmo under the business accounts . They even have some sweet hoodies and tank tops.

Dr. Mounce also narrates Audible audiobooks, which include:

Killer Kudzu by Julius Thompson --- An International Book Awards 2022 Finalist in Horror Fiction, this pre-apocalyptic horror novel takes the listener to a place where science has gone terribly wrong. There is a southern twang in the characters’ voices and a distinctive down-home feel in the locale. It is written with a social twist and a commentary about the relationship between blacks and whites in the south. Killer Kudzu is in the vein of creeping menaces like Pandemic, The Atlantic Gene, The Hot Zone, and The Day of the Triffids.

• Limericks for Meditation by Christopher Molling --- these calming mediations for comforting listening will help you get through the day and night. o 301 – 400 o 401 – 500 o 1401 – 1500: arriving Summer 2022!

Dr. Mounce has also written human interest articles for Golf Carting Magazine:

Meet D-Alli: Carolina Carting Legend --- D-Alli loves pickleball and making people smile. Join her in the cart to learn all about it.

Cart Path Only --- if your next round in life gets a bit stormy, just think about playing it cart path only.

Dr. Mounce has also written comics for Kendall Sheffield Studios, such as QuickDraw: The Dragon Tooth Parts 1 and 2. Admiral Barack Ashton Carter, aka QuickDraw, and Sgt. ‘Punch’ Powers find themselves facing down a horde of rampaging monsters heading straight for a top-secret Antarctic research base. It looks like that first cup of coffee will have to wait a bit longer.

Dr. Mounce is a college professor of health, wellness, and physical education. He also minored in mathematics and enjoys a wide variety of academic pursuits. His hobbies include squatching, tennis, sand volleyball, and lots of coffee. He lives with his family between the beach and the mountains of North Carolina in the United States of America.

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