I looked again, and there before me was a flying scroll.
He asked me, “What do you see?”
I answered, “I see a flying scroll, 30 feet long and 15 feet wide.”
And he said to me, “This is the curse that is going out over the whole land…I will send it out,…It will destroy it completely, both its timbers and its stones.

(Zechariah 5: 1 – 4. New International Version)

JUNE 5th, 2023, The Debrief A former intelligence official tells Ross Coulthart with The Debrief that the United States has retrieved craft of non-human origin. In a release of their interview that night with NewsNation, whistleblower David Charles Grusch, 36 --- decorated former combat officer in Afghanistan, a veteran of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) --- made shocking claims, including the retrieval of alien bodies and the military working on a weapon from reverse-engineered technology.

Grusch says that through the 50s and 60s, encounters with the NHI (non-human intelligence) continued, and there was a nuclear cover-up incident in 1967. From that incident, multiple Air Force veterans, including disclosure advocate Robert Bob Salas, have gone public regarding the UAPs that tampered with the nuclear missiles at Malmstrom Air Base in Montana. Officers at the base reported to Salas that they saw a craft that appeared to be intelligently controlled, hovering over the nuclear weapons silo, which proceeded to shut down 10 Nuclear ICBM missiles.

Grusch added, “It certainly looks like they want to understand how far we’ve advanced in our nuclear fissile kind of technologies at the very least, I mean, it looks like preparatory probing activity, it might be innocent kind of scientific gathering could be ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) probing.”

May 17th, 2022: Washington, D.C.

On this day, a historic Congressional Hearing on UFOs was held. Presenting at the hearing were Under Secretary of Defense Ronald Moultrie and the Director of Naval Intelligence, Scott Bray. During the hearing, Moultrie and Bray were asked by Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin if they knew of the 1967 Malmstrom Air Force Base incident (Montana) that involved UFOs and nuclear warheads. Admitting they had not looked into the incident, Gallagher famously asked the pair to investigate.

Robert Bob Salas

Malmstrom Air Force Base is a United States Air Force Base located in Cascade County, Montana. It is named after Colonel Einar Axel Malmstrom, a World War II pilot who was killed in a plane crash. Malmstrom AFB is primarily responsible for housing and operating the 341st Missile Wing, which is one of three missile wings in the United States Air Force Global Strike Command.

The main mission of Malmstrom AFB is to maintain and operate intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) as part of the U.S. nuclear deterrent force. The base is equipped with Minuteman III ICBMs, which are stored in underground silos and can carry nuclear warheads.

Malmstrom AFB plays a crucial role in maintaining the nuclear triad of the United States, which consists of strategic bombers, ballistic missile submarines, and land-based ICBMs. The base's strategic location and its mission make it an integral part of the nation's defense and deterrence strategy.

What exactly happened at Malmstrom on March 16th, 1967? One of the witnesses, Robert Bob Salas, recently described the event in his own words to the All Things – Unexplained podcast:

Well, in 1967, I was a missile launch officer at Malmstrom AF Base, Montana. But we had control of 10 nuclear missiles, and sometime in the evening, I got the first phone call from my security guard, and he said they’d seen some strange lights in the sky.

Making no noise, flying very fast, stopping on a dime, reversing course, making 90-degree turns. Noiseless.

He said, “They are not aircraft, sir.”

We had reports in the city of Great Falls in the newspaper at the time of people seeing these strange lights and reporting them as UFOs. He calls back, and this time, he’s screaming into the phone. He’s frightened. You could tell by his voice that he’s very frightened. He said he had all the guards out with their weapons drawn. They were looking at a glowing red-orange object hovering above the front gate. It was a pulsating red-orange light.

I told him, “Well, make sure you secure the facility.”

He was injured, and he had to hang up, so he hung up the phone. All our missiles started going no-go or shutdown.

We also had two sites, the launch facilities where the missiles were actually located, about a mile or so away. We had incursion lights at two of the facilities. So, they got close to the sites and saw UFOs hovering over those two sites.

We had control of 10 nuclear missiles. They were probably down for about 24 hours, I estimate.

After my Commander spoke to the command post, he turned to me and said, “The same thing happened at another site.”

I thought it was that evening that the same thing had happened, but later on, I found out that it was the ECHO Flight incident, which happened eight days earlier.

The Pentagon’s agency that is currently tasked with investigating UFO–UAP (unidentified all-domain/anomalous phenomena) is AARO: the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office. In a breakthrough moment for those seeking UFO–UAP disclosure, Robert Bob Salas testified before this group in February 2023. Although the incident occurred in 1967, it was the first time Mr. Salas was able to officially go on record with any authoritative branch of the Department of Defense/Pentagon.