Planes go up, planes go down. What planes don't do is just vanish off the face of the Earth.

(Jeff Wise, aviation journalist and key contributor for the Netflix limited docuseries MH370: The Plane That Disappeared)

On March 8th, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, a Boeing 777, took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia en route to Beijing, China. Less than an hour after takeoff, it vanished from radar screens and lost all communication with air traffic control. Despite an extensive multinational search effort covering vast areas of the Indian Ocean, the wreckage of MH370 remained elusive for an extended period. The aircraft’s disappearance, along with the 239 people on board, including passengers and crew, led to an array of theories and speculations, including hijacking, mechanical failure, and pilot suicide. What happened to the aircraft and the 239 people on board remains a mystery.

The mysterious YouTube videos (August 2014)

Later in 2014, three mysterious videos appeared on YouTube from user ‘RegicideAnon’. The videos appeared to show classified video footage of an aircraft being harassed by three orb-like UFOs. One of the videos purportedly comes from a satellite capable of videoing from multiple angles for a 3-D type of effect. Another video seems to come from a military drone, and a third is of unknown origin. At the end of the satellite and drone videos, the most shocking and controversial segment happens. In a flash, the aircraft and the UFOs disappear.

User ‘RegicideAnon’ was rumored to have Air Force connections, and at some point, after uploading the videos, virtually all traces of the user’s YouTube account were deleted. The only access to the original videos is in the website archives. Because the videos did not readily remain on YouTube, they were forgotten about until March 8, 2023.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (March 8th, 2023)

On the 9th anniversary of the MH370 disappearance, Netflix released a limited series re-examining the mystery. While no definitive conclusions were reached, the documentary brought attention to the old ‘RegicideAnon’ videos again. People began to speculate that the mysterious videos might show what happened to MH370, and online sleuths started to analyze the videos.

One was Reddit user ‘aryelbcn’, who detailed lengthy breakdowns of the videos. Another Reddit user, IcySlide7698, provided a key breakdown of ‘the flash’ shown in two of the videos. Their research seemed to indicate that the flash portions of the videos used virtual effects elements from a 1990s CD-ROM. This CD-ROM is potentially the same that many television shows and movies of the time obtained their pyro-special effects, such as explosions. This is why low-budget productions at the time often featured the same special effects.

However, there are researchers that report findings they say prove the mystery videos are not only 100% real, but that they are a glimpse at the truth of the MH370 tragedy. One such researcher is Ashton Forbes, who goes by the Twitter (X) handle of @JustXAshton. He has organized a group called MH370x, which says, “For those who know the MH370 videos are real and to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

Searching for an expert

For this article and our podcast, All Things Unexplained, we reached out to various aviation experts around the United States. The search for an expert started with the following premise: if any portion of the mystery videos is fake, it is the flash (as seems to be the case, as noted earlier) and/or the UFOs. If any portion of the mystery videos is authentic, it is likely to be the aircraft itself. This also raises an important point, which has yet to be resolved. If the aircraft portion of the video is fake, then it is either computer-generated imagery (CGI), perhaps from a flight simulation, or it is repurposed footage from something else. However, as of this writing, no duplicate CGI or footage has been shown to exist.

We discovered in our search for an aviation expert that people are very hesitant to offer scientific analysis of this very controversial topic. The disappearance of MH370 is a real-life tragedy that has affected numerous individuals and families. We write this article with the utmost love, respect, prayer, and hope for everyone involved. Polarizing topics such as the UFO phenomenon and MH370 require an honest pursuit of truth.

After several failed attempts to garner help with the videos in their entirety, we edited the videos, so they did not show the most contentious portion: the flash disappearance. That is when an aviation expert agreed to help, though they requested anonymity. For the analysis, we gave them no background on the videos or us. We simply asked them to tell us what they see in the videos, with as much specificity as possible. They were asked to analyze the aircraft in the video, without any mention of the UFOs. The results were shocking.

The analysis

Military consultant: it should be noted here that before finding an aviation expert, we had the opportunity to show the videos to a military advisor, who will go by Simon. Their attention peaked during the ‘drone video’, and they noticed something we had not seen commented on anywhere else: the drone is in the contrails of the aircraft. In their opinion, this was a military operation because of the drone’s presence and proximity to the aircraft.

Aviation expert: the aviation expert’s analysis began with the aircraft.

  • The aircraft exhibited some improbable movements.

    • The tight turn of the aircraft is from a perspective other than a normal ‘looking up’.
    • The turn was greater than the standard rate of 2 minutes for a 360-degree turn.
  • At first, they thought the aircraft was an Antonov An-225 due to its Y-shaped tail. This craft is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft designed and produced by the Antonov Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. It was initially developed during the 1980s as an enlarged derivative of the An-124 for transporting Buran-class orbiters, which was the designation for the entire Soviet/Russian spaceplane project.

  • After lengthier inspection, they determined the aircraft was a Boeing or an Airbus, with Boeing being more likely.

The aviation expert believed the videos show potentially classified military testing:

  • The event was recorded from at least two different angles, suggesting the military knew about it before the testing.

  • This would make the aircraft military, not commercial. Contenders for the aircraft include either a Boeing 737, 757, or 767, each of which has military variants.

    • Note: Malaysian Airlines MH370 was a commercial Boeing 777.

The aviation expert analyzed the three ‘devices’ in the videos (remember, the aviation expert was not given any details of UFOs or UAPs).) According to the expert, the videos appear to show an experimental test with some sort of new military technology:

  • The three ‘devices’ could be next-generation guided weapons.

    • The three ‘devices’ do not appear to be a final product but are more likely to be a scaled-down beta version of certain systems.
  • Some of the videos show some sort of very distinct exhaust trail being emitted from the three ‘devices’.

  • The three ‘devices’ probably blend existing technology with new technology.

    • They appear to be testing a design for finely adjusting trajectory, speed, and distance from the tracked object (in this case, the aircraft).


The aviation expert concluded with a stunning analysis. Why would such technology be valuable in a military operational setting?

  • The devices could represent a fire-and-return weapon system.
  • The devices could represent a NextGen air-to-air offensive weapon system.
  • The devices could represent observation technology to intercept, track, and follow rogue or unknown military or civilian flights.
  • The devices could represent enhanced weapons that have a ‘loiter’ time. This would allow visual confirmation of an enemy target prior to impact and detonation.

After pondering all the evidence, combined with our aviation expert’s analysis, we are left with an eerily similar question that seems to permeate all UAP/UFO discussions: How much is the government hiding from us? The secrecy, mystery, and confusion accompanying the videos have the same feel as events such as Roswell, figures like Bob Lazar, and locations akin to Skinwalker Ranch. Are each of these entities connected to a world beyond our own? Or are they all related to our government’s ever-developing weapon systems?

Is our government hiding signs of other intelligent beings or our advanced technology? Given what we know about the plane in the YouTube videos, is it possible that the inclusion of a CGI flash at the end of the video was a tactic used by our own government as a disinformation tool? If the videos are leaked footage of top-secret military technology, it would be conceivable that the government could attempt to discredit the video to protect our advancements. Is the government hiding information about extraterrestrial existence to prevent mass chaos, or is our government deceiving us and our adversaries about their advancements to protect national security? In either case, are they right to do so? The insights revealed by expert analysis of the MH370 mystery videos support the complexity of UFO – UAP disclosure. There are many factions at play here, some known, some unknown. Each faction has its own motives, and each faction might be propped up by an unknown number of other parties. It’s a true UFO rabbit hole whose secrets could be under the utmost of protection.

Commenting on the ‘gatekeepers’ responsible for the latest AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) report on UFOs, Australian journalist Ross Coulthart said, “…these are dangerous times, these are desperate people, they are concealing crimes, evil crimes.”

Finally, as the 10-year anniversary of the MH370 tragedy is upon us, the enigma surrounding its disappearance persists, compounded by the emergence of mystery videos, new theories, and new searches. While they all reignite speculation and reflection, they also serve as poignant reminders of the enduring grief and unanswered questions faced by the families of the passengers and crew. Let our thoughts and prayers remain with those affected, and may we continue to pursue the truth with unwavering resolve and compassion.

(This article was co-authored by CJ Dearinger)


1 Dr. Tim Mounce and CJ Dearinger are the co-hosts of the All Things Unexplained podcast.