Ross Coulthart is an Australian investigative journalist and author whose specialty is reporting on UFOs. He often utilizes confidential sources from the military, government, and private industry to reveal tantalizing tidbits of UFO information, and one of his juiciest morsels recently is that of a giant UFO. It’s a UFO so massive that it either could not be moved, or it was easier to just build a building over it than to transport it to another location. Based on what Coulthart has revealed, here is what we know:

From the Project Unity podcast:

  • “Big. It’s big. So big they built a building over it.”
  • “In a country outside the United States of America.”
  • “I know that sounds preposterous…Let’s see this investigated. Let’s just see what happens. Let’s test these allegations before the Congress.”
  • “Imagine if some of these object are not capable of being moved because they’re too bloody big.”
  • Coulthart says he has been told by multiple sources about this giant UFO.
  • Why can Coulthart not tell us where the UFO is? From That UFO Podcast: “I can’t tell you the country it is in. It is not America, but what I can tell you is that the place where it is kept is used for another purpose, that is a laudatory purpose…that is as much interest to the UK as it is to Australia as it is to America. The simple reasons are that you know there are other uses for the place where this object is store.”
  • Coulthart went on to suggest that the location would be in danger, like the ‘Storm Area 51’ scenario if he revealed its location.

So where might such a facility be? The location of such a facility – one that housed a giant UFO (which would be the greatest secret in the history of the world) and served a dual purpose vital to the national security of multiple countries – would depend on various factors such as geopolitical considerations, accessibility, and security. - Remote desert areas: Remote deserts, such as those in the southwestern United States, Australia, or certain regions in Africa or the Middle East, could be considered. These areas often have low population density and limited civilian activity, making it easier to maintain secrecy. - Arctic or Antarctic regions: Extremely remote regions, like parts of Antarctica or the Arctic, might be chosen due to their harsh conditions and limited human presence. The challenges of accessing these areas could contribute to enhanced security. - Underwater facilities: If the UFO is underwater or submerged, constructing a facility beneath the ocean's surface could be an option. This would add an extra layer of secrecy and security. - Isolated islands: Some isolated islands, especially those far from major shipping lanes and air routes, could be considered suitable for such a facility. The Pacific or Indian Ocean could host such locations. - Mountainous regions: High-altitude mountainous regions, like the Himalayas or the Rocky Mountains, might provide a natural barrier and make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access the site. - Existing military bases: Expanding or repurposing existing highly secure military bases, especially those with a history of secrecy, could be an option. Examples include Area 51 in Nevada. - Foreign Territories: Placing the facility in a foreign territory, potentially under an agreement with another government, could provide an additional layer of secrecy and security.

The scenario of a giant UFO being stored in such locations would involve extensive consideration related to national security, political alliances, and practicality. With that in mind, here are some hypothetical examples of specific facilities that could house an extraterrestrial object (both American and foreign). - The Hoover Dam (Nevada/Arizona border): The Hoover Dam is a real-world structure that primarily serves as a hydroelectric power generation facility and flood control mechanism. The dam is 1,244 feet long at the top, 726 feet high, 660 feet thick, and its reservoir was the largest artificial lake in the world for decades and is still the largest in the United States. - Dulce Base (New Mexico, USA): Dulce Base is often cited as an underground facility where extraterrestrial technology is being studied. It is speculated to be located under the Archuleta Mesa near Dulce, New Mexico. - Pine Gap (Northern Territory, Australia): Pine Gap is a real-world facility jointly operated by the United States and Australia. It is used for signals intelligence and is often associated with theories involving extraterrestrial technology. - Area 51 (Nevada, USA): While Area 51 is a real and highly classified U.S. Air Force facility, it is often the subject of speculation and theories regarding extraterrestrial technology and UFOs. - Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center (Virginia, USA): Mount Weather is a real facility used as a continuity of government location. In theory, it could be repurposed to house a building over an enormous UFO, with its existing infrastructure providing a cover for sensitive operations. - RAF Menwith Hill (North Yorkshire, England): Menwith Hill is a signals intelligence facility operated by the United States. It is often linked to paranormal theories, and in a such a context, it could be expanded to cover an alien artifact. - Woomera Test Range (South Australia): Woomera is a real-world weapons testing range, and it could be expanded to include a facility built around a massive UFO for secretive research. - Big Hole Road Facility (Chatham County, North Carolina): Technically owned by AT&T, this mysterious facility has no official purpose but is said to be at least 13 stories deep. It purportedly had a connection of some sort with the Bunker at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.

If there is a giant UFO that was so massive multiple governments conspired to construct a facility to cover it up, it is without a doubt the greatest secret in the history of the world. To put it another way, it would be the most valuable military secret ever. If this is the case, it is understandable why Ross Coulthart would be extremely hesitant to reveal too much information, despite the frustration that those seeking UFO disclosure are experiencing regarding this matter.