Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is proud to present the first New York solo exhibition by Robert Currie, entitled Viewpoints.

Currie's work focuses on two opposing ideas: chaos theory, the notion that order comes out of disorder, and complexity theory, which sees as inevitable that order will emerge in any sufficiently complex system. Currie develops contrasts: rational and irrational, negative and positive, order and disorder, filled and unfilled.

These states are presented in new wall-based works that, though created systematically, accentuate the human touch in the hand painting of thousands of strands of acrylic with black nylon within perspex cases. As the viewer encounters a piece, an image appears, yet only from one viewpoint. These works subtly direct the viewer whose initial arbitrary movements through the gallery slowly converge on a fixed point, lured by the promise of an unexpected discovery.

This exhibition will showcase a new site-specific installation that continues the artist's evocative use of nylon monofilament and unspooled videotape. Utilizing the double-heighted walls and angles of the gallery space, numerous lines of nylon monofilament create an illusion of depth through repetition and the slight movement of the material.

Although much of his work is abstract, Currie's practice might be most easily understood by exploring its relationship to architecture. The precise placement of materials and his fascination with line and form produce works that describe solid architectural forms, yet have an ephemeral and illusive quality to them. This is emphasized in new abstract nylon sculptures, videotape works and drawings in which multiple viewpoints are required to begin to understand each piece.

Born in London in 1976 and based there, Robert Currie completed his MA at the Royal College of Art in 2000. The artist was selected for the prestigious New Contemporaries showcase that year and has since exhibited nationally and internationally.