An exhibition of paintings by the artist Ronald Weintraub will open at the Kate Oh Gallery, 31 East 72nd Street, on Wednesday, June 12th from 5:00-8:00 pm.

This break-out exhibition for the 89-year-old painter focuses on works from his abstract and neo-pointillist periods, which span more than three decades. His characteristically bold use of color—most notably his favorite, orange—is on full display in the large-format works. Highlights include Brussels (2019), bottom left, and Shanghai (2012), bottom right.

Ronald Weintraub was born in Brooklyn in 1935 and is currently based in Manhattan and Water Mill, New York. While still in the throes of a successful business career, Weintraub began studying painting in his spare time. He was mentored by renowned archaeologist and historian Iris Love, took courses at the Parsons School, the Art Students League and the National Academy School, and studied privately with painter Ross Neher before transitioning to his full-time art practice twenty years ago. Wein- traub has exhibited at the Salander-O’Reil- ly Galleries, Ellen Liman Gallery, and the Katonah Art Museum.

A Journey of Creativity and Discovery by Robert C. Morgan

Ronald Weintraub, a seasoned artist with over three decades of experience, exemplifies an artistic journey characterized by profound fluidity and technical mastery. Weintraub has reached new heights in his recent works. His neo-pointillistic abstract style is a testament to his creativity and hard work. His artistic trajectory is a testament to his insight and reflective exploration of the intersection between his corporate background and enduring passion for painting.

Ronald Weintraub was born in Brooklyn, currently resides in Manhattan and has his studio in Water Mill, New York. In his recent works, characterized by vital hues and abstract forms, Weintraub ventures to the innocent exuberance of childhood play, where creativity flows freely and vibrant energy infuses every brushstroke. Amidst the energetic and enchanting movements of colors, Weintraub captures the pure joy of creation, evoking a sense of liberation and boundless possibility. In essence, Weintraub’s artistic evolution endcap- simulates the timeless quest and creative fulfilment driven by passion, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity. He invites viewers to embark on a voyage of introspection, encouraging them to explore the depths of their own inner worlds.

Weintraub’s fondness for travel extends far beyond mere exploration—it is a deeply personal and transformative journey that fuels his artistic creativity. Each trip presents an opportunity to immerse himself in new landscapes, cultures, and experiences, igniting a profound emotional response that finds its way onto the canvas.

As Ronald Weintraub transitioned from the business world to the realm of art and unlike the structured methodologies often found in business, artwork like painting does not always offer the comfort of clear guidelines or predetermined outcomes. Instead, it is a realm where doubt becomes an essential companion, propelling the artist to push boundaries and explore new creative territories. In Weintraub’s paintings, we see evidence of this transformative process—a journey of liberation from the constraints of preconceived notions and artistic conventions. He courageously confronts uncertainty, embracing the unknown creation, fearless pursuit of artistic freedom, a testament to his unwavering commitment to his artwork.