James Cohan is pleased to present Arcadia and Elsewhere, an expansive group exhibition celebrating the breadth and complexity of contemporary landscape painting practices across geographies and generations. For the first time, this exhibition will unfold across all three of the gallery’s spaces, 48 & 52 Walker Street and 291 Grand Street.

Arcadia and Elsewhere anchors landscape painting in the myriad portrayals of Arcadian landscapes, which portray nature as an idealized foil to the torrents of human civilization, stretching back into antiquity. The exhibition highlights the enduring prevalence of the landscape in contemporary painting, building connections between both established and emerging artists furtively engaged in the depiction of our natural surroundings as enduring sites of significance while expanding and complicating the loaded ways in which landscape manifests as a form unto itself.

Arcadia and Elsewhere features work by Spencer Finch, Yun-Fei Ji, Byron Kim, Mernet Larsen, Jordan Nassar, Eamon Ore-Giron, Katie Paterson, Naudline Pierre, Matthew Ritchie, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, and Fred Tomaselli, as well as Lindsay Adams, Hayley Barker, Judith Belzer, Colin Brant, Jennifer Bartlett, Kevin Brisco Jr, Hannah Brown, J. Carino, Ksenia Dermenzhi, Freya Douglas-Morris, Louis Eisner, Miranda Fengyuan Zhang, Dean Fox, Christian Franzen, Brianne Garcia, Joshua Hagler, Josephine Halvorson, Tyga Helme, Barkley L. Hendricks, Ben Horns, Patricia Iglesias Peco, Vera Iliatova, Linnea Jensen, Dominique Knowles, Wanda Koop, Maria Kreyn, Mark Laver, Matvey Levenstein, Larissa Lockshin, Sophia Loeb, Marin Majić, Nikki Maloof, Erica Mao, Christy Matson, Shara Mays, Zoe McGuire, Darby Milbrath, James Morse, Alice Neave, Kent O’Connor, Kemi Onabulé, Alina Perez, Emilio Perez, Ken D. Resseger, Rosa Roberts, Aubrey Saget, Ilana Savdie, Noah Schneiderman, Muzae Sesay, Trevor Shimizu, Agnes Treherne, Joani Tremblay, Lumin Wakoa, Darryl Westly, Andy Woll, Coco Young, and more.