“Les Winterfest” is the last exhibition in 2023 for the Van Der Plas Gallery. The new show explores the similarities and differences between Jason McLean, Devon Marinac, Anne Marie Grgich, Al Diaz, Doug Groupp aka Clown Soldier, Alejandro Caiazza, Konstantin Bokov, Rifka Milder, Susan Day, Sonni, and Juan Carlos Pinto.

On display are their various talents and aesthetics and how they meet and diverge with their paintings, drawings, sculptures, and collages of multiple mediums. With over eighty-five pieces of art “Les Winterfest” brings out the colors to brighten our winter days.

Coming from various artistic backgrounds, street art, outsider, and fine art, many years of experience combine these artists to bring to light a multifaceted way of understanding the world with brilliantly figured distortion, mixed media collage painting, pop images, found object sculpture, clay sculpture, and vivacious abstraction. A home is offered for many eyes in the varying elements of the many disciplines on display throughout the entire gallery.

The gifts and abilities of this group of eleven artists shine at Van Der Plas gallery through the shortening days, displaying a near virtuosity of breadth of view, each like a doorway into images of what is new and extraordinary.