Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York, is pleased to present “Bending the Line,” a group exhibition featuring abstract paintings, works on paper, and sculptures by artists who delve into the complexities of line and form. The tension between simplicity and intricacy, evident in each artist’s unique style, contemplates themes of balance, mystery, repetition, and interconnectedness.

Nicole Charbonnet, an artist based in New Orleans, explores the concept of memory in her paintings through consistent layering and repetition of patterns, textures, and colors, thus expanding on the significance of the line. Catherine Howe, a painter from New York, manipulates the size and texture of her brushstrokes to reflect her physical process and the “evocative power of paint.” Howe’s technique involves splatters, spills, and the scraping away of paint, revealing forms of flora.

Tanya Minhas, a Pakistani-born artist currently based in New York, utilizes ink, paint, and other media to create intricate repetitive designs inspired by textiles. Her vibrant paintings serve as meditative explorations of balance within oneself and the increasingly tumultuous external world. Etsuko Ichikawa, an artist born in Tokyo and now residing in Hawaii, employs molten glass to create swirling marks on cast cotton paper, offering contemplation on the interconnectedness of humanity, material, and nature.

“Bending the Line” invites viewers to a diverse group show that seamlessly showcases a variety of artists and mediums, encouraging exploration beyond the boundaries of line and form.

The exhibition features works by Nicole Charbonnet, Matt Gagnon, Ann Gardner, Catherine Howe, Etsuko Ichikawa, Andreas Kocks, Tanya Minhas, Julie Speidel.