Frosch&Co is pleased to present Future Perfect, featuring New York and New Jersey-based artist Becky Yazdan in her first solo exhibition with the gallery.

Future Perfect (/ˈfju·tʃər pɜr·fIkt/): The tense formed using "will have" or "shall have" with a past participle to show that an action will be completed by a particular time in the future.

(Cambridge Dictionary)

The future means acceleration. Shinier cars, younger skin, lightspeed transactions, endless growth. Yet perfection feels out of reach when we discard our progress to keep up with newer, faster, better, more. In Future Perfect, Becky Yazdan asks us to look beyond these expectations towards the beauty already abounding in our day-to-day lives—no matter how imperfect. By re-injecting the mess and uncertainty of uncharted ground into the bedrock of her past experiences, the artist unearths limitless futures.

Yazdan composes her works in tandem with nature, letting her paintings take shape organically in an active dialogue with the world around her. The artist works in stages, sometimes returning to the same paintings for weeks and sometimes over the course of years.

Though Yazdan started the paintings in Future Perfect at different points in her career, she completed them all within the last six months. In this sense, each painting is a conversation between her past, her present, and the unknown.

Yazdan revisits her memories through painting, creating new paths by transforming her attachments as she builds up layers of oil and spray paint over time. The artist introduces recent sights and events into nostalgic impressions, reorganizing them to weave novel, dreamlike narratives. Color, form, and pattern recall specific feelings and experiences, and their interactions create unexpected connections between different points in the artist’s history. Trauma sometimes gives way to elation and passivity to action.

Embracing an unknown outcome is ultimately an act of optimism and hope—the paintings are at once a love letter, a promise, an ultimatum, and a grievance manifesto.

(Becky Yazdan)

Becky Yazdan lives and works in New York and New Jersey. She holds a BFA from the University of Colorado Boulder and an MFA from the New York Studio School. Her paintings have been shown in numerous exhibitions on the East Coast and throughout the US.