The Korean folk painting class at Rutgers University will hold an exhibition at the Kate Oh Gallery from May 2nd-7th.

This exhibit will feature work from 21 students from the Rutgers Korean folk painting class as well as from ten famous folk painters invited by Lim Soo-young, vice president of the international exchange team of the Korean Folk Painting Association.

These 10 artists are: Son Yu-young, Kim Eun-joo, Lee Hyo-jeong, Mun Ji-eun, Jang Kyung-hee, Park Hee-sun, Kim Nam-gyeong, Kim Chae-won and Roh Kyung-ae. These artists will present alongside New York local Minhwa artists Kate Oh, Kim Min, Kim Hyun-mi, and Jo Hyun-joo. With that, a total of 35 talented artists will be featured in this vibrant show.

Minhwa works typically include flowers and birds symbolizing family harmony, cows for many offsprings, peonies for wealth and prosperity, books and stationery in the rooms of nobles, beautiful women, delicate Shin Saimdang (insects, butterflies, flowers, etc.) paintings, and evil ghosts. The diverse range of content in Minhwa is evident in this exhibition.

The reception will be held from 3:00 to 5:00 PM on May 7. There will be a Korean traditional dance performance by Lee Song-hee, a hanbok experience with the help of Park Hyo-shin, the representative of The Hanbok in New Jersey, a tasting experience of handmade makgeolli (rice wine) by Yoon Mi-kyung, and Korean food. This exhibition will serve as an opportunity to experience Korean culture and introduce Korean folk paintings to the public.