A utopian fiction yet to be achieved is the concept of true democracy. Democracy stood as the messiah to save humanity from the tyranny that was the state of nature; A time where man survived by his strength and might, a time of no political order. Brutish is the best description of the state of nature and has been reiterated by many scholars. There was an absolute need for an approach to be submitted that would be the resolution necessary to save man from himself.

Democracy and all its concepts were arrayed with all excellence and celebrated on the streets as it was welcomed into the arms of society. Perhaps it was time to achieve a civilization that would save man from its extinction. The fallible tendency of man however has stood on the pretext of upholding the sanctity of democracy and instrumentalized governments as an agent to commit atrocious acts; War crimes, genocide, corruption, and terrorism amongst many other crimes have been committed under a campaign of ensuring the sovereignty of the nation. The parties who are meant to take responsibility for such vicious acts have avoided punishment and continuously use the excuse of protecting this man-child called democracy to continue perpetuating these acts.

The jewel dazzled all its onlookers as they gazed at democracy and the dreams it held for each citizen. A dream where voices were heard and actions accounted for. This was a fantasy to a man living in the state of nature, yet this was achievable with democracy.

Accountability by the government and the voice of the people has slowly become a paraphernalia of democracy and the pursuit of sovereign power and unquestioned authority to the extent of tyranny assuming the new definition of democracy. Our textbooks tell us a different story from our reality of what democracy is.

True democracy stands as the emblem of a civilized state and anything short of it is a fib. In a state where power is not bought by wealth, policies are not manipulated and the least of a citizen is as equal as a citizen with affluence, justice prevails and the ideals of the state are embedded in the culture of its subject and not merely ceremonial.

It is difficult if not impossible to attain a perfect democratic state but this is not an excuse to be used by incompetent constitute authorities to encroach on the natural rights of its subjects, neglecting its fundamental obligation to the welfare of the state.

The media which can be regarded as an arm of government due to its remarkable contribution to the continued favorable existence of any government is too delicate to be compromised. The fact remains that the media has become a weapon of the government used to manipulate the public and has crammed its platforms with false information at an alarming rate. This has been evidenced in past elections of countries where the media was the tool used to weave the public to the favor of certain political groups. This devastating truth then leads to the question of what happened at the time when the truth had to prevail unvaried by the cost. And when the media was not subject to fear and favor?

A call for change is the essence of this work. Enough of excusing malpractice and insolence under the pretext of being just humans. So much wrong is happening in society and this has deteriorated over time with no vindication in sight. The government has become the enemy of its creator, the people.

If all things are tried and still result in failure, then we should ask ourselves, is a man capable of ruling himself at all, or is there a need to resort to rulership by a superior being other than itself?