Esther Solomon
Joined Meer in September 2022
Esther Solomon

Inspired by the need for literary advocacy, Esther Solomon has led a life that is founded and built on creativity and promoting an educated society. She has written as an adept freelance writer and has garnered a reputation as a literary expert. She is currently running a degree program in Bachelor of Law at Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria.

Starting as an editor for her high school’s newspaper, her love for writing was realized and this helped in watering the seed that would later bloom.

In 2017, she won an article writing competition which granted her the privilege to fine-tune her writing through a creative writing internship program at the Initiative of Dialogue and Development. At the end of the internship program, she wrote another article through the platform which granted her the title of IDD Ambassador of National Unity. She has also participated in competitions such as the Nigerian Broadcasting Competition organized by NBC in 2017 where she received an award for article writer of the year. She participated in other competitions where she represented her state of residence; she was able to use these experiences to school in the art of working under pressure. Her extensive knowledge and mastery in the ambit of economy, politics, societal commentaries, fictional story-telling and wellness.

Her passion for writing served as her greatest influence in choosing her career path in legal advocacy. She saw this as a wonderful way to not only use her pen to reach the world, but her voice. She has volunteered with organizations such as Armory Youth Project and Asha Hope Amanaki (AHA). She has written for Dweebs Global Sentinel and is currently writing for the Conflict Center. Recently, she published a short story ’HER’ on the Dweebs Global Sentinel website which addresses mental health issues such as struggle with abandonment and depression. She has also published articles such as “The current surge in the migration of the Nigerian People” and “The failure of public policies; a fault of the legislative or executive” on the Ideem law website. “How does mental health affect student-athletes” was a recent publication of hers.

She occasionally writes poetic pieces on her social media platforms and enjoys it as a wonderful hobby which is also an excellent avenue to help with writer’s block. She also binge-watches movies, reads corny novels, and loves taking walks. These are her best ways to let time fly and relish it.

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