Through her photography, Zoe Wetherall seeks to portray the structured geometry of both natural and constructed forms, using her camera to reveal the beauty of the subtle patterns hidden in the landscapes and architecture all around us.

Originally from Melbourne, Wetherall has been a resident of New York City since 2016. This series, focusing on US and Australian locations and shot from the baskets of hot-air balloons in flight, showcases her two home countries from a unique vantage point. Familiar landscapes become something quite different when viewed from great heights, with the distance sorting the noise and action of humanity far below into orderly, abstract designs.

The pronounced contrast of natural settings against the starkness of the built environment is of particular interest to Wetherall. Using a literal bird’s-eye view enables her to document this contrast and employ the visible landscape as a means of abstraction.

“Animals Feeding” color photograph appears as a modernist abstract painting, yet is a view of animals feeding at a trough. The neutral colors of the landscape add a striking contrast to the dark hues of the animal groups. On her “Hint of Green” color photograph, a vertical line bisects the two sides of this landscape photograph, with an arid dry field on the left and on the right of the image, bright green trees and verdant foliage burst with color, along a sandy grass field. The division between a watered land and unwatered, is apparent in this aerial photograph by Zoe Wetherall.

Zoe Wetherall is a professional photographer with a unique eye for capturing the beauty and simplicity of architecture and landscapes. She has over fifteen years of experience in the field and a background in fine-art photography, which gives her work an artistic sensibility that is as thought-provoking as it is visually striking.

Specializing professionally in interior and architectural photography, Zoe employs her keen eye for detail and her design-conscious aesthetic to reveal her subjects’ subtle minimalist beauty. Her body of work demonstrates unparalleled skill as a photographic artist, from aerial landscapes captured from the baskets of hot-air balloons in flight to meticulously crafted images of prestigious residential and commercial properties around New York City.

Zoe's work has been recognized with numerous international awards and shown in galleries around the world, including her debut in a group exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria while still a student.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Zoe now calls New York City home, where she continues to create timeless, evocative imagery for both commercial and fine-art projects.