Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to present Happy Days, our group show dedicated to contemporary sculpture, inaugurating on 30 October 2020 at Dorothy Circus Gallery Rome and London. The exhibition will be open to the public until 30 November 2020 by appointment only. Following House of the Rising Light, the Gallery will inaugurate a further collective chapter of its schedule, this time completely focusing on the representation of female figures through the sculptures of Qimmyshimmy, Maki Hino, Emi Katsuta, Gosia, Ai Haibara, Chishi Morimura, Aya Kakeda and Clementine De Chabaneix.

With a specific focus dedicated to contemporary sculpture, the exhibition aims to investigate various techniques – both traditional and modern – which, thanks to the many different researches of the artists featured, convey the happiest tender memories of loved ones, in a sweet preview which transports the visitors straight from the rising sun of summer to the autumn warmth and to the moving sensations inspired by winter and Christmas.

The comparison that marks happy thoughts remains stuck in the visitor of Happy Days that, in the never-ending human hope, is carried through a long and ambitious journey by Japanese artists Maki Hino, Emi Katsuta, Ai Haibara, Chishi Morimura – whose art recalls the world of traditional XV-century Netsukes – Maki Hino and Aya Kakeda – with the delicately handcrafted technique they employ in the creation of sculptures in paper and clay – to the unconventional yet brilliant Singaporean artist QimmyShimmy, to the provoking American Pop style of Colin Christian, to the elegant side of Europe of French artist De Chabaneix and its painful aspect of Polish artist Gosia.

And just like the latter – victim of serious health issues caused by the Chernobyl disaster –shows us the possibility of a second chance thanks to her personal family experience, come true through her delicate clay faces and in her move to Toronto, Canada, the curatorial path of the exhibition similarly takes us to QimmyShimmy’s Lilliputian yet surgically precise sculptures, strongly inspired by her own critique of the consumer meat market.

We end our exploration with the Japanese stars of the event, individually capable of offering the public a glance of the ancient tradition of wooden sculpture represented through high-quality decorations on the one hand, and on the other a sweet and delicate warmth which can remind us to the most tender childhood memories.

Colin Christian – the only male artist and special guest of the exhibition – will contribute with his masterpiece Deep Rising, unquestionably worthy of mention because of his ongoing investigation and artistic exploration of the feminine imaginary and its overflowing seductive energy, through his silicone and fiberglass sculptures. In conjunction with Happy Days, Dorothy Circus Gallery Rome is proud to present to its audience Parade Of Emotions (30th October 2020 - 30th November 2020), Focus on the Filipino street artist BLIC. The central theme of the art of this self-taught artist— hands as tool for universal communication - reflects his desire and determination to emerge and spread his voice across the globe, which reaches to us like a tennis ball thrown by a little boy from across the ocean.

After several collaborations in his own country, BLIC debuts in Italy for the very first time in the occasion of Parade of Emotions, focus show dedicated to the six basic emotions - happiness, sadness, tenderness, excitement, fear, anger – inspired by how 2020 affected all of us, for the better or the worse. For the occasion, the artist guides us along his path of consciousness through the six acrylics on canvas showcased by Dorothy Circus Gallery, which leads the public once again in the discover of new emerging talents.