As much as it is important to take in factual information, it also is to feed the soul with pieces of love, maybes, and beauty. Especially in a world filled with curt texts, schedules, deadlines, and threats. Let your eyes stumble upon the stairs of poetry, and your mind to wander upon its stairs like in a secret garden. Allow yourself to wander, look, observe, see, give yourself the gift to feel, to just be.

Three poems written in August 2018 in a small German town of Butzbach while I worked there in a small café, and soaked in its calmness.

The summer night knows

sitting in the window
feet out
letting my thoughts go
knees bent
hair loose
book out

letting my heart flow
as the summer night blows

happy-calm feeling blows
as if the summer night knows

stars my ceiling
moon my feeling
happy feet
lonely heart
life’s/you're a treat
(&) under a guard
of my sneaky eyes
& the warmth
of the summer air
and my thought

navy sky, foggy clouds
middle of the night
wanna take out the vows?
we shouldn't, we might

tiny lights, heavy blinds
only my
smoke of imagination
deeper heights & it dies.

a white rainbow in the night sky
here you were, there you are
I am waiting & you just are

a smile, a want
a while, a bond
a desire, a hope
heaviness, dope

a passing fancy, a beating pulse
a head full of thought, a longing heart
in my head & on my vision
in my vision & on my mind
now you (are) there
& hey, suddenly, gone.

today you're everything
tomorrow, no one.

A memory, a reason to simper
the one I wanted, the one that lingers.

Drunk on love

Dizzy by its poison
The aroma in the air
and life slowly goes on
it was a short, sweet blare.

A blare of music
that tickles your thoughts
A reminder to smile, feel & cry
something unforgettable that you will miss.

A scream into the night
then, felt like eternity
flying like a kite
between your countless fantasies

When suddenly it slowly fades away
thinking what's going on?
hoping it would stay
it's gone.

you feel happy & sad
and you're sat
there on your chair
waiting for the feeling to come back
and it won't.

no more fireworks on the calm sky
it's time to say goodbye
and life goes on.

Desperately want it back
to get another chance
to live it, to long, to hope
please, give me one more glance.

Bearing more love
to be searched for
found & praised.

Longing & Loving

both require constant endeavor/pursuit

You are my sunshine when it rains
You are the dim white light in the darkness
You’re the forever & only.

(September 2018)

It’s slowly slipping away.
that feeling.
Of instantly & forever wanting you.
It’s only there when I remind myself.
only as a habit.
like when I hear a certain song (every night as I fall asleep)

And I want it to be back
I try.
But the green light has turned red
And now it is too late.
I wish I was wrong
that’s why I said…

I love you now.
So love me back before it’s too late.

(September 2021)

It is hard to express my love for u
when it is so far
It is hard to express my love for u
when it is so dark
It is hard to express my love for u
where are u now?
what are u now?
where do we go?
how do we know?


(September 2022)

Would you

Would you ever look at me?
Would you ever sing the songs I sing?
Would you?
Would you ever look at me?

(2014 from the 18year old me being diluted by love to the 14year old’s fantasies)

Floating on a staircase of guilt
tears climbing the steps.
But I will still never forgive
your heartfulness.

Again warming words were on your tongue
but I couldn't stay anymore
I didn't, I didn't wait
I didn't want to cooperate.

It was so lonely and cold,
then why should we sail on one ship?
Our paths will separate,
mine with guilt.

(2013 and the 13year old me already wondering about life’s purpose)

Do you know the feeling
when you stop believing
when you have no hope at all,
you're about to fall.

Through the tears you can't see,
that way you cannot be

Just open your shell,
look out wide
don't hide inside.


What should we do here?
We are sunk up in fear.
What should we do on earth
that is turning all around,
she is giving birth,
but I just cannot find
the sense, the why.

Life is like a pie:
bottom, crust and the filling.
Filling is your time.
You can fill it with lime
or something more interesting.

You can live your life as you may,
it’s your own way.

It's on you, what do you do with it.
You just have to fit
in your piece of cake,
so, let's bake!

That's my question, that's my why.
I don't know what should I do with my life,
just give me a knife.
- don’t, that’s just what rhymed with ‘life’