All material forms are thrown into the crucible of reproduction and fresh diversity. This group exhibition explores the substance of faith and things hoped for born in the spirit of new art. It is a visual exploration of different arches of creativity. Director John Woodward selects a variety of nontraditional paintings and sculpture from seasoned artists who have spent years communicating their vision.

Artists Michael Alan, Thomas Buildmore, Cosbe, Darkcloud, Tommy Flynn, Gregory Van Maanen, Jamie Martinez, Moody Mutz, Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk, Alex Racine, Brad Robson, Matt Siren, Swoon, and Francesco Tumbiolo consider historic, metaphysical, feminist, technical and other themes.

Fresh Diversity contemplates being fresh/ innovative in thought, being diverse in style, being original, being conceptual. It is a social statement, a personality, a current take on art for the new decade. Each work is an integral component that blends to completeness.