To celebrate the 40th anniversary of her signature Snap Cardigan, agnès b. is delighted to announce the forthcoming exhibition “... Photographers ... Artists and the Snap Cardigan” that will open in New York on February 8, 2020, at 195 Chrystie Street.

The exhibition will echo the first snap cardigan exhibition held at agnès b.’s Galerie du Jour in Paris as part of Mois de la Photo in 1986, where 140 photographers originally contributed to the exhibition. Each were asked to photograph the iconic snap cardigan in his or her own way. Acclaimed by the public and critics alike, the exhibition was then held at the Centre Pompidou in 1996.

As a designer, philanthropist, and art collector, agnès b. noted at the time, “A while ago, I designed a cardigan for myself. I wanted one that opened in front with lots of snaps that evoke a Renaissance garment, a child’s garment for grown-ups, or the other way round, and the snap cardigan was born. Since then, it has been worn by many people. I had the idea for the exhibition when I saw people making the garment their own, adapting it to their personal style. It occurred to me that photographers are never given the same subject, and that they would each have their own vision of the garment. Their response was enthusiastic, and the result is beautiful. I am extremely grateful.”

For the 2020 exhibition, which was shown in Paris at the end of 2019, agnès b. has given carte blanche to more than 70 photographers and artists from 14 different nationalities. Young emerging artists and established artists from urban and contemporary scenes offer their interpretation of this timeless garment, working with a singular specification of a 40 × 60 centimeter photograph whose main subject is the snap cardigan. The exhibition will subsequently travel to Tokyo and Hong Kong.

In September 2019, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the snap cardigan, the book agnès b.: The Snap Cardigan, was published by Assouline and is now available in agnès b. and Assouline stores worldwide. The exhibition is supported by Dupon Phidap.