Hollis Taggart will open Kenichi Hoshine: The Magician and The Thief, a solo exhibition of the New York-based artist’s work. Inspired by a wide range of subjects—from film and television, to theatrical sets, to found imagery—Hoshine’s painting practice is grounded in the experiences of his daily life. Expressed in abstract forms and gestures, however, these everyday references are imbued with newfound emotion and narrative quality. For his upcoming exhibition at Hollis Taggart, Hoshine will present a selection of new paintings on wood panel that capture his converging fascinations with theater, poster design, and the occult.

Hoshine’s paintings are compellingly elusive. Representational elements emerge within his bold, vividly colored compositions only to disappear into emotive tangles of brushstrokes, denying the viewer any narrative clarity. For Hoshine, the depth and openness of the visual experience are essential, saying, “I have always found images that are obscured or fragmented to be more interesting than ‘complete’ pictures.” In his early work, this fragmentation was driven by the use of an extensive cadre of materials. His paintings often incorporated acrylics, charcoal, tea, beeswax, and oils, giving his abstractions both aesthetic and physical depth.

With his most recent works, Hoshine has substantively pared down his materials, focusing predominantly on the qualities and possibilities of acrylic paint alone. Leveraging the speed with which the material dries, Hoshine actively layers and then scrapes away the paint on the panel surface—often numerous times in a single work. This results in a physical and active editing process that has become critical to his career-long exploration of notions of revelation and obscurity.

At the same time, the purposeful limitation of materials has infused a fresh spontaneity into Hoshine’s approach, yielding a wider range of gestural actions and effects. Together, his meticulous, at times obsessive, process and rich use of color result in paintings that draw the eye and inspire deep looking. With his upcoming exhibition, Hoshine continues his study of the relationships between representation and abstraction, nature and artifice, and the psychological experience of indoor and outdoor environments.

“When I first came across Kenichi’s work, I was immediately captivated by the vibrancy and intricacy of his compositions. I’ve been examining the development of his process and approach since that initial introduction and continue to be moved by his vision and the energy that his work exudes. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share his work with our audiences and to support the development of a catalogue that shines a light on his practice,” said Hollis Taggart.

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1977, Hoshine grew up in New Jersey and studied in New York, where he attended the School of Visual Arts. Hoshine’s work has been exhibited widely in the U.S. and abroad. In 2016, his paintings were exhibited as part of the Colección Solo at the Espacio Solo Gallery in Madrid, as well as the two-person exhibition Untouchable: Dérive de l’espirit at the Galerie Guido Romero in Paris. Most recently, his work has been presented in a group show at the Harpy Gallery in New Jersey; in collaboration with Pt. 2 Gallery at the Juxtapoz Clubhouse in Miami; and in the solo exhibition Amawalk in California. In addition to his studio practice, Hoshine has taught at the Pratt Institute in New York.