Chase Contemporary is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition and book signing with renowned American sculptor Carole Feuerman. The exhibition, which celebrates the artist’s illustrious 50-year-career, will feature bronze and hyperreal work in both tabletop and lifesize scale, and will introduce Feuerman’s newest sculptures. The artist will be signing her new book at the opening, “Carole A. Feuerman: 50 Years and Still Looking Good,” published by Scheidegger & Spiess, with a forward by John T. Spike and essays by John Yau and Claudia Moscovici. An opening reception will be held on November 7th from 5:30- 8:00pm at the gallery’s 231 10th Ave location.

Carole Feuerman 50 Years of Looking Good will include Feuerman latest 2019 editions of Miniature Serena with Swarovski Crystal Cap, modeled after her most iconic monumental sculpture, The Survival of Serena, which debuted in 2007 at the Venice Biennale. Also on exhibit will be a life-size bronze sculpture of Feuerman’s most coveted male sculpture, The Diver, modelled after the monumental sculpture The Golden Mean which lives permanently on the Hudson River in Peekskill, NY. Debuting for the first time is her painted male sculpture called The Thinker.

Feuerman’s work explores the strength and resilience of the human spirit. She aims to convey the balance required to persevere in life and the victory of survival. Feuerman’s Miniature Quan casts a female swimmer balancing on top of a sphere, looking down over the world. Her first monumental “Quan” sculpture, inspired by the Chinese goddess of compassion, was created in 2012 for the ECC (European Cultural Exchange) Biennale exhibition, and was exhibited in Venice in 2013 at Palazzo Bembo. Her poise and equilibrium are metaphors for Quan’s calm and thoughtful judgment.

Two other sculptures, Kendall Island and Yaima and the Ball were exhibited by a civic arts group, Sculpture for New Orleans, for a two-year residence (2015–17) on the Poydras Corridor. Kendall is an island in the Canadian arctic; Yaima gained her athletic physique on the Cuban national volleyball team. Both personified the best kind of public park statuary today – monuments to human perseverance and well-being.

This year, 2019, Carole Feuerman unveiled in the Giardino della Marinaressa a huge, pensive, monumental bronze sculpture that she named The Thinker. The exhibition will debut the hyperreal painted resin version of this work. This fall, Feuerman also celebrates her nine monumental outdoor sculpture exhibition on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, France.

Lifelike physical representations of objects were brought to life by classical Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman art, all of which rendered the beauty, movement, and sinuosity of the human body in their sculptures. Feuerman continues these ancient aesthetic ideals - embodied in the human form- in her contemporary sculptures.

Carole A. Feuerman (b. 1945) is a Hyperrealist sculptor working in materials ranging from marble and bronze to vinyl, painted resins, and stainless steel. Whether she is using ancient processes or contemporary ones, her subject matter is the human figure, most often a woman in an introspective moment of exuberant self-consciousness shaded by erotic lassitude.

Feuerman is one of the leading hyperrealist sculptors in America who pioneered the movement in the 1970s, along with Duane Hanson and John de Andrea. Feuerman has taught and lectured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, Columbia University, and Grounds for Sculpture. In 2011, she founded the Carole A. Feuerman Sculpture Foundation. She has had solo museum retrospectives at the El Paso Museum and the Huan Tai Hu Museum of Jiangsu province. Feuerman received countless awards for her art, including the Amelia Peabody Award and first prizes in the Austrian Biennale and the Florence Biennale.

Feuerman received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Today, her works are in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg; the El Paso Museum of Art; the Bass Museum of Art in Miami; the State Hermitage in Russia; among others. She is represented in many prestigious private collections around the world, including the collection of the Emperor of Japan, Dr. Henry Kissinger, and President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton. There are four full-color monographs written about her work. Feuerman lives and works in New York, NY.