Flowers is delighted to present a new exhibition by British sculptor, Nicola Hicks, to coincide with the artist’s exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art. In her exhibition at Flowers New York, Hicks explores the nature of character, exposing the real traits of her creations. There is a quiet expressivity to Hicks’ creatures that resonates beyond their situations, suggesting that the animal acts partly as a proxy for human emotions.

Hicks’ sculptures are complex compositions, painstakingly detailed, yet rich in spontaneity. Her rigorous study of anatomy and the intricate rendering of fur are affirmed by the precision of her forms, while the scale of her works contributes to the colossal psychic presence of her sculptures.

In Hicks’ new three-part sculpture Dressed for the Woods II, 2013, a bear sits at the feet of two figures draped in furs. As with many of her works, such as Hypocrites, 2011 and Banker I, 2009, the dynamics and relationship between the characters is essential to the impact of the piece. By exploring the savage qualities of greed and corruption, she has created her own social critique and moral warnings. With this new sculpture Hicks aims to conjure the equally forceful nature of love, the many guises that it takes and the innate urge to protect that accompanies it.

Nicola Hicks was born in London in 1960. She studied at Chelsea School of Art and completed postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art. Nicola Hicks’ sculpture and drawings have been exhibited internationally and are included in several public and private collections. In 1995 she was awarded an MBE for her contribution to the visual arts.