The Kunstmuseum Basel has redesigned the display of twentieth-century art on the second floor of its Hauptbau and presents its masterworks of classic modernism in a new constellation. The reinstallation also presented an opportunity to switch the direction of the recommended tour of the galleries, which now matches that of the Old Masters collection and the display of nineteenth-century art on the first floor, making for a more consistent visitor experience. Visitors ascending the stairs to the second floor will be guided toward the galleries on the left.

The new presentation seeks to activate the collection and provide more information to visitors in order to offer them a richer experience of the collection’s history and outstanding quality.

A number of brief notes focus on major Moments of the Collection, key events in its history that brought significant enlargements of the museum’s holdings: the year 1939, the Picasso donations, the donations by Raoul La Roche and Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach, and the additions of the Im Obersteg Collection and the treasures of the Emanuel Hoffmann and Alberto Giacometti Foundations.