Spring begins and so do changes at Punto sull'arte: we hope to see you here on Saturday 30th March to celebrate the opening of the new spaces on the Gallery's 1st floor.

The new upper rooms host an exhibition within an exhibition, giving the public the possibility of discovering five new artists who have recently joined Punto sull'arte. Carlo Cane, a painter with a rich curriculum who blends nature and architecture with a unique touch, poised between realism and magic; the American Brian Keith Stephens, who relates the animal world with an emotional brushstroke suggestive of impressionism; Ernesto Morales, who transports us into his dreamlike and fairy-like landscapes; Raffaele Minotto, with his vibrant interiors of light; Loris Liberatori and his wild nature.

And next to them many new pieces by some of the most interesting artists in the gallery: Angelo Accardi, Annalù, Matthias Brandes, Daniele Cestari, Gianluca Corona, Ottorino De Lucchi, Jernej Forbici, Luca Gastaldo, Claudia Giraudo, Federico Infante, Lara Martinato, Matteo Massagrande, Marcello Morandini, Nicola Nannini, Johannes Nielsen, Alex Pinna, Matteo Pugliese, Paolo Quaresima, Marika Vicari.

Artists who will, moreover, almost all be present in person at the opening: a unique occasion for the public to have the possibility of meeting them.