Viridian Gallery is pleased to present Darryl Moody’s exhibition of photographs entitled “A Moment On The Walls” from September 24th to October 12th, 2013. There will be a reception for the artist Saturday, September 28th, 4-6pm. Gallery hours are Tuesday- Saturdays 12-6pm.

The images in Darryl Moody’s first solo exhibition at Viridian are a culmination of an extensive photographic investigation of remnant images. These images are left behind, by the ebb and flow of humanity, in the streets of major cities throughout the world. The pictorial focus upon this aspect of the urban tumult captures a moment of the transformational act of messaging over time.

Messages deeply layered and telling abound in the images Moody carefully crops in the view finder of his camera. Fragments of an array of expressive forms (i.e., slings of paint, postings, stickers, stencils, calligraphic tags) become revelatory in the inter-mix. His process encapsulates an esthetic record and manages to return the “moment” for greater deconstructive reconsideration apart from its disappearance into the exposed. The observer is then able to see the beauty, poetry and politics, once screamed, whispered in a more meaningful context.
Moody states, “Within certain frames I unmask the sequential. The photograph provides a continuous field relationship inviting the viewer to re-associate images with events into a new cognitive whole. When editing in Photoshop, certain digital images—congeal.” The result, as quoted from the art critic Peter Schjeldahl is “…visual paintings…photographically akin to the work of Aaron Siskind.”

Darryl Moody has taught digital, and black and white photography in a wide variety of college settings, and is a Master Digital Printer. He holds a BA in Graphic Arts from the University of Illinois in Chicago, combined with an MFA in sculpture from The School of the Art Institute in Chicago. He has written “Photography as a Psychological Narrative” while working at Indiana University.