Viridian Artists Inc. is pleased to present the exhibition “Holiday Madness”. The show opens December 9th and continues through January 10, 2015. In celebration, there will be a reception Thursday, December 11, 6-8PM. Dress festively!

“Holiday Madness” is in the air! One could feel it even before Thanksgiving and the leaves had fallen! Flu shots, snowstorms, end of the year cries for contributions, gift-buying decisions, long trips home to relatives, delayed flights, and all the thought-provoking frustrations associated with the holiday season will be upon us in no time.

But, we can help you with one of these dilemmas by suggesting that instead of heading to department stores or going on the web in search of the perfect gift - buy ART for everyone!

Nothing in this exhibit of more than forty artists is priced too high nor bigger than 24 inches across (well, maybe a few will be...) so wrapping will be no problem. Just a ribbon is all you will need and we'll even have that here for you!

And if you have a really long list or are on a budget, Viridian is again featuring a section we like to call Ye Olde Art Shoppe where everything costs $99 or less. All kinds of artist-made cards, books, jewelry, prints, tree ornaments, etc for you to choose from that will thrill and surprise your receivers.

Make an artist and yourself happy by doing one-stop shopping with champagne and cookies to help you celebrate! Looking forward to seeing you December 11th (or any other day) with glitter in your hair!

Deborah Beck, Renee Borkow, Benjamin Briggs, James Campbell, George Cannata, Robert Cenedella, Henry Coupe, May DeViney, Arthur Dworin, Bernice Faegenburg, Claudia Fainsguersch, Phyllis Featherstone, Arlene Finger, Tazuko Fujii, Alan Gaynor, Celia Gilbert, Wally Gilbert, Elizabeth Ginsberg, Joshua Greenberg, Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff, Mary Frances Judge, Renee Kahn, Kathleen King, Namiyo Kubo, Bobbie Lichter, Flash Light, Marcia Lloyd, John Lloyd, Rosemary Lyons, Robert Marvin, Matakia, Naum Medovey, Jeffrey Melzack, Matthias Merdan, David Miller, Michael Miller, Vernita N'Cognita, Stacey Clarfield Newman, Patricia Owsiany, Carolina Poggi, Lauren Purje, Srividya Kannan Ramachandran, Sarah Riley, Leonard Rosenfeld, Oi Sawa, Barbara K Schwartz, Susan Sills, Virginia Evans Smit, Angela Smith, Robert Smith, Sheila Smith, Deborah Sudran, Jane Talcott, Bob Tomlinson, Meredeth Turshen, and others.