Primae Noctis Art Gallery is pleased to present on Thursday, February 7th 2019 (at 6.00 pm) the Solo Exhibition of the artist S. Dwi Stya Acong.

It is the first solo show in Switzerland of this great Indonesian artist. S. Dwi Stya Acong (born in 1977, Malang, East Java) captures the light in a way that it is reminiscent of the repertoire of the French Impressionists. Through his short, unblended brushstrokes, he achieves an effect of intense colour vibrations. This makes further apparent the rupture between time and space, which is the recurring theme of his works. Anonymous wandering men always seem unsettled within the luxuriant hues of the paintings, yet they also make Acong’s compositions particularly haunting and unforgettable.

As S.Dwi Stya Acong renders absurd situations with stunning ease, he presents us with a fresh interpretation of Surrealist art.