“Broken bodies as a metaphor, enable an open discussion and reflection about the use of the body emphasize the notion of place and memory.

The body is symbolic of this intersection that operates as an individual or collective constituency as well as the entity that make up a group. It is the point at which the relationship between self and categories of otherness can be explored, debated or protested.

Places and memories operate as an intersection point to explore the body as an active entity through conscious representation, involving dislocation deliberate of the body or other material from one geographical context to another.

Objectifying the body is one of the core element predominant in my practice, hence the need to re-live the past seems to be associated with the creation of identity consists of multiple factors including gender, race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality.

Seduced with the parallel between fiction and reality as the work itself has this ambivalence to it, that creates the intersection to exploring the subjects around the body and its representation occur within the increasingly globalized and cross-cultural dimension.”